Chance at UC Davis


<p>I've been very interested in going to UC Davis for a couple of years now. I am currently a senior in highschool and will graduate in May 2013. Here are my stats, please give me an honest opinion if you think I will make it in or not and give any suggestions! Thank you.</p>

<p>Weighted GPA: 3.833
Unweighted: ~4.1
SAT: 1400
ACT Composite: 23
AP Tests: 3 on AP Psych, 2 on AP USH
In top 6% of my graduating class
Did basketball for all 3 years, going to do this year as well.(Varsity since Soph.)
Volunteering: +100 hours
Quality for free lunch and low income
Personal Statement: Still working on it but should be solid.
Taking SATs and ACTs again in October. Most likely will receive a higher score.</p>

<p>You have weighted and unweighted mixed up; your test scores seem a little low.</p>

<p>What do you think you might get in October?</p>

<p>Whoops you are correct. I am aiming for at least 1600 and act at least 26</p>

<p>The ACT is your best bet, if you had 26. Then it will become a low match.</p>

<p>What do you mean low match?</p>