Chance at UC schools with ec's?

<p>Hello I live in rainy Washington and I really want to go to school in California. I have a lot of extra curricular and was wondering what my chances are at
And USC as well</p>

<p>My profile looks like this
GPA:3.678 unweighted ~4 weighted
Class load: When available all honors or ap, will finish hs with 6 ap classes
Ap lang, ap ushistory, ap lit and comp, ap calc, ap psychology, and ap government
Ap tests: 4's on language and us history
Sat:1930 (taking again)
Act:28 (taking again)</p>

<p>Extra curriculars
Captain of baseball team (10 years playing)
High school track
Soccer for 3 years
Sophomore class leader
Spanish club president
Hiking club president
Senior class vp
Founder and president of falcons fighting famine (student ran and organized food drive)
Deca national competitor (3 years involved) top 40 finisher
Fbla national champion (2 years involved)
3 years of national honors society
Senior rep of national honors society
Junior class honor guard
Work experience as a customer service
Work experience as a retail specialist
120+ hours of community service</p>

<p>So as you can see my academics are strong but not exemplary, but outside of school I do a lot, so I am wondering what my chances are at my dream schools?</p>

<p>I think you ccan get into the colleges you mentioned above, but need to maintain the GPA and do better on the SAT.</p>

<p>Chance me!</p>

<p>a 3.75 GPA unW and a 3.9 W</p>

<p>taken several AP and honors courses throught HS (6 total)</p>

<p>Clubs in:
NHS(on board)
PAL (on board)
math club
bowling club
science olympiad
Red Cross(president)</p>

<p>on track to get gold cord for community service hrs. (total so far is like 300 and end of senior yr, most likely 450 hrs)</p>

<p>SAT score total: 1600/2400</p>

<p>My top colleges:
UC Berkeley
CSU: East Bay
California State Polytechnic University: Pomona
San Jose State University
Stanford (maybe, i dont think so, but i will try) </p>

<p>Also, mention any other universities that i match as well that are in CA
Thanks :)</p>

<p>Your gpa is a bit low for Pomona, you need a really high GPa for that school, tests are strong though so it’s a toss up</p>

<p>Why are you so intent on going to college in California? Can your parents afford out of state tuition?</p>

<p>UCLA,USC-medium reach
UCD,UCI,UCSD-low reach</p>

<p>Your unweighted GPA is rather low. Aim for at least 2000 on the SAT and 30 on the ACT. </p>

<p>Your list is all reaches. You need to add a few schools to your list that you will definitely get in to and be able to afford.</p>


<p>Stanford, UCB, USC-very high reaches</p>

<p>I’m not too familiar with the rest of those schools but they are probably matches or safeties for you. With your current stats you should focus on CSUs. If you can bump your SAT up to 2000+ you could get into some of the lower-middle tier UCs and your chances at Stanford, UCB, and USC will improve greatly but still be a long shot.</p>

<p>Ucla: high match/low reach
UCSD: match
UCD: match
UCI: match
USC: high match/low reach</p>