Chance at UCF/USF? fall/summer

<p>Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my stats:
intended major : comp science</p>

<p>3.49/4.0 unweighted
4.1/5.0 weighted</p>

<p>SATs: (1110/1600, 1670/2400)
Reading 540
Math 570
Writing 560</p>

<p>23 ACT</p>

<p>5 AP classes overall, enrolled in 3rd french level.
I submitted UCF application on 11/11/11, USF on 11/9/11.</p>

<p>Okay ECs:
Math club - mu alpha theta member
french club member
Information Technology Academy ambassador and one of the chairman for the meetings
200+ hours of community service at a church
A small amount of volunteering for tutoring students in math, french, web design.
A completer of a nation first course for high school students or older that prepared them to pass the A+, Net+, Sec+ IT certifications.</p>

<p>Yeah =/ I applied kinda late. I'm worried, like many other students who are applying.</p>

<p>I wrote very good essays for both; I spent a lot of time on them, however, I think on the UCF one, on the review page, the essay was all clumped together unlike how the formatting was in the original text box with no breaks (I know, really bad to submit without going back and seeing why i was like that.. I might've panicked D: )</p>