Chance at UCI, USCB, CalState, CalPoly

<p>Ending junior(11) year, graduating 2011
Ethnicity/Sex: Asian Male
Class rank: 156/481</p>

<p>*(UW=Unweighted, W=Weighted)Academically; not adding my sports/rop in GPA
Freshmen GPA (U.W.) 1st Sem: 3.6 4 As, 2Bs
Freshmen GPA (U.W.) 2nd Sem: 3.8 5A's, 2B's
Sophomore GPA 1st Sem: (UW)3.33 (W)3.67 5A's, 2Bs, 1C
Sophomore GPA 2nd Sem: (UW)3.5 (W)3.83 6A's, 1B, 1C
Junior GPA 1st Sem: (UW)3.83 (W)4.0 5A's, 1B
Junior GPA 2nd Sem: (UW)3.5 (W)3.66 4A's, 2B's
Senior GPA: Not a senior yet</p>

<pre><code> Weighted Non-Wgtd

<p>Acad GPA (10-11) 3.81 3.58 </p>

<p>Only APs and honors i've taken are Hchem, APart history, APenvironmental science
EC: never tried out for cabinet spots, but been in NHS, numerous clubs for years and participate in their activities such as walks for cancers/diseases, charity, etc... Worked part time for an after school tutoring elementary students, worked under the table part time for my uncle's construction business(don't know if that counts), planning on getting 200 CSL hours before i apply for college. I'm in cross country/track and have been for 3 years, planning on continuing senior year.</p>

Planning on self studying over summer to get 1800-1900 on my 2nd try.
SAT II: aiming for 500 - 700 on USH, 700+ on math2c with a class</p>

<p>If more necessary information is needed, please ask!
& please chance me or give additional help/info! thanks!</p>

<p>oh yeah, and does taking an additional 4 AP's senior year help much? that's a question I wanted to find out for my friend, he hasn't taken any honor classes at all 9-11 grade but senior year, he applied for 4 AP's(CalcAB, environmental science, Lit, and statistics).</p>

<p>Yes definitely take the 3 APs, especially AP Calc and an AP science if you plan to major in engineering/construction/sciences in university. The rank is a bit mediocre-unless you attend a very large Asian Magnet school or competitive prep. Then, for the schools your aiming for, it shouldn't make a bit difference. SATs need to be raised to at least 2000, but i'm sure your trying your best to improve your score. If you tell me your breakdown, I can give you tips on the sections you need help in.
For chances:
UCI:reach(as of now, but with 2000-2200 SAT, around a match)
USCB(did you mean UCSB?): Well safe match for USCB, for UCSB it would be the same range as UCI
CalState; state what???? Longbeach would be match, everything else would be safety.
CalPoly: SLO would be high match for certain fields, otherwise all safeties as well.</p>

<p>Yeah, i meant UCSB* and calstate LA, and yeah it is a large Asian magnet school. i got 530 critread, 550 math, writing 510. </p>

<p>2000 seems possible to reach if i self study a lot over the summer but i'm curious how come so many people in my school make it to UCSD with 1800's-1900's with like 3.8 GPA's, some people get into UCI with 1800-1900 as well. They're EC isn't much better than mine either. </p>

<p>So I guess it's reachable to get into UCI or UCSB? I just got to improve my SAT to 1900-2000 and hope for the best?</p>

<p>CSULA you'll get in, but UCI, UCSB, and cal poly SLO are definitely reaches. they're average GPA's are around 4.0 and SAT in the high 1800's/1900's. so yeah if you get your SAT score up you'll definitely have more of a decent shot at these schools. you should consider more CSU's though and other UC's like santa cruz... don't get hung up on the name of the school. sometimes the more underrated school is the way to go lol</p>

<p>thanks for the advices, their a great help!</p>

<p>UCSD with 3.8 GPAs unweighted or weighted?</p>

<p>i believe if you bring up that SAT score and youre in the Cal States for sure!</p>

<p>p.s. my friend's brother got into cal poly with a 3.9 weighted and 1400s on his SATs =]</p>

<p>^ 3.8 GPA weighted</p>

<p>UCI: low reach, just raise your sat's to around 18-1900, 2000 is actually almost unnecessary.
UCSB: same, basically.
CalStateLA - saftey
CalPoly: For SLO you'd need the 2000. even then it'll be difficult. definitely harder than the UC's mentioned.</p>

<p>good luck =) </p>

<p>And although the averages are 4.0's for UCSB and UCI, but I can tell you that 3.8 translates to almost the same thing( almost everyone I knew with a 3.8+ got in)</p>