Chance at UIUC Gies and other public/private universities [IL resident, 3.64 GPA, 1520 SAT, <$30k; business, economics, international studies]


  • US domestic
  • In State
  • Good/compeitive public high school
  • Female/Asian
  • No special factors

Intended Major(s)
International Studies
GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • Unweighted HS GPA: 3.64
  • Weighted HS GPA *: 4.26
  • Class Rank: No rank at school
  • ACT/SAT Scores: 1520/1600 SAT
    *I did pretty bad academically sophomore year so my grades were not good. I’m really scared that this will prevent me from getting into good schools.

*11 APs (including senior year)
Human Geography, World History, US History, Lang, Environmental Sci, Calc AB, Macro, Micro, Gov, Stats, Biology

Scholastic Art and Writing, State Awards (Poetry), International Competition Honorable Mention (Poetry), History Bee National Qualifier, etc.
School Newspaper EIC, School Literary Magazine EIC, Model UN, Science Camp Worker (summer paid job), school community service club vice president, local animal shelter student board president, newspaper publication intern, NGO intern, foreign language educating NGO volunteer, school journalism club founder/president

Pretty good essay, strong rec letters

George Washington
William and Mary
American University
Boston University
UW Madison
Colorado College

Any other college suggestions would be appreciated!

Your home state and budget?


Ok, thanks.

If you haven’t done so already, please have your parents run the net price calculators at some of these schools and tell you if those prices are comfortably affordable. Then please come back and let us know your budget.

We really can’t suggest schools without knowing your budget or how much aid you might qualify for. It won’t be helpful if we suggest schools that you can’t afford.

So UIC is certainly a yes but while I think you are from Illinois since you say Gies- need the budget.

Others will depend on budget.

But if you can afford it, IU and U of SC are two obvious choices to me given your international focus.

If you don’t mind me asking what about Vassar did he you like? Your list is a bit eclectic but BC particularly sticks out. Thanks.

My budget is 30K after financial aid

I really like the northeast and how it’s a liberal arts college. Seems like a university where I could receive a great education.

I went there so I can understand your enthusiasm. VC however feels very different than schools like Lehigh and Northeastern. They are all great but culturally very different.

I have the budget to attend UIUC if I am accepted. I wanted to apply to Gies but if it’s unlikely I’ll get in, then I will apply Econ in LAS

Ok. But you have many meets need schools. What do they say your cost would be? Has your family done the NPC? I feel like you’ve already posted. At least it’s similar to another recent one.

I get UIC and UIUC being in state.

But Colorado (block schedule so one class at a time), and Madison don’t go together. So what is it you seek? We do need to ensure these schools will meet your budget but Wisconsin, W&M assuredly won’t.

Now that we have your budget, IU won’t. U of SC that I mentioned may or may not get close.

We really need to know big vs small, etc b4 suggesting names to meet budget.

You apply for your top 2 schools/majors at UIUC, and write a ‘Why this major?’ essay for each. So, you could pick Gies (undeclared business is the only choice) as your 1st choice, and Econ as 2nd. Another option could be to choose undeclared (DGS) as your second major.

It doesn’t seem particularly like your ECs are geared toward business…so think about how to support your interest in Gies and/or econ in your essays. There is strategy involved with choosing your two majors and writing those essays, so do talke with your HS GC.

Read about the application process here:

Here’s a fun tool they provide to help you figure out your major: Need Help Picking a Major? Start Here., Undergraduate Admissions, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Does your school use Naviance or Scoir? If so, how does it look for a UIUC acceptance on the scattergram? It’s unlikely it’s school specific, again, ask your counselor what they think about your chances for Gies. You should look at Naviance/Scoir scattergrams for all the schools on your list.

I agree with the others who have said to run the net price calculator for each of the schools on your list as well. Good luck.

Have your counsler explain the bad year and why in their report. UIUC takes 74%instate. But every year it seems to get harder. As stated check Naviance or the like and your high school GC should have a good clue of acceptance. Do you go to a UIUC feeder and or a Chicago selective enrollment school? This can give you an advantage.