Chance at UNC for out of state

<p>UNC Chapel Hill is my first choice but i know that for out of state applicants ( i attend a public school in ohio) it is very difficult. I am going to be a senior and I am wondering what others think my chances are. </p>

750 Writing
700 CR
630 Math
GPA: 4.0, 4.34 ( no Bs)
class rank: 9/261
5 APs taken, 5 to be taken next year
A.P. Scholar with Distinctions
Varsity X country and track all 3 years
cross country captain and MVP as a junior, numerous conference awards for track and cross country (however since it's DIV. I I will not be able to compete :( )
French club, Yearbook, Interact
Decent community service hours
I have visited and plan on doing early app. </p>

<p>Any feedback, including other recommendations for schools would be helpfull ! I also am looking at Emory, Wake Forest, Washington Univ. in St. Louis (my sister attends), UVA, William and Mary, and UCLA</p>

<p>Your stats,etc... seem to make a fairly well rounded app, as long as you put in the effort on the essays and such. With your scores, it makes it a crapshoot OOS (kinda is with any scores), but it can be done! I had very similar scores (actually a tad lower) and was accepted to UVA OOS (I was instate UNC and am attending). Being able to bring multiple things to the table , aside from academics gives you a chance a making it, but you never know (saw a kid on here that got waitlisted UVA with a 2300+, yet I was accepted sub-2050).</p>