Chance at UVA- Transfer 2012

<p>I currently go to a Community College in northern Virginia and want to transfer to UVA as a sophomore. I am a foreign affairs major and will like to pursue that at UVA in the College of Arts and Sciences. Didn't do so well in high school. I was born in Pakistan and have dual citizenship(minority). I interned with my uncle who is in the Pakistan Senate for a summer. I am also interning at Capitol Hill for a Congressman in the spring.
In-state applicant
1st gen college student</p>

<p>Fall semester:
English- A
Spanish- A
Biology- A
International Relations- B</p>

<p>Spring semester:
Internship at Capitol Hill</p>

<p>School Newspaper
Student Government
Bible Club
Muslim Society
Model UN- Committee on Human Rights</p>

<p>Part-time job</p>

<p>Volunteer experience:
Red cross- interpreter for refugees
Youth center
Flood relief in Pakistan</p>

<p>Letter of Rec.
Current English professor who went to UVA

<p>High school:
GPA- 3.34
9 AP's
SAT 1970
multiple clubs and varsity sports</p>

<p>What are my chances at the University of Virginia(College of Arts and Sciences)* V-Tech, Georgetown, James Madison</p>