chance @ Brown?

<p>I'll get right to it:
SAT: 2270... 700CR, 790 W, 780 M
Subject tests: 740 math 2 and 780 Bio
Class rank: 4/330
GPA: 4.0/4.0
APs this year: 6... trying to self study a bunch more
Essay- well written... too subjective to talk about
ECs- Ton of volunteering and side activities (Bball coach, tutor, hospital volunteering, sports writer, etc). Most have been done for 3-4 years
so far, accepted to: U of Mich- Ann arbor, UC denver, University of Kentucky, and USC (scholarship).
So, I know that this isnt too much info.... but what chances do I have at Brown? Thanks!</p>

<p>You are a competitive candidate but you never know with Brown. Good luck!</p>

<p>How do you have time to like...sleep?</p>