Chance Columbia ED International

<p>Hi, guys! Columbia has been my favorite since ages ago, and I really can't see myself going to any place other than Columbia. However, my circumstances make me really worried about getting rejected, and I was just wondering if you guys could be awesome and chance me. I'll appreciate your honesty!</p>

<p>GPA: unweighted 4.0
Class rank: 2 of ~600
SATI: 2290 (2nd time)
ACT: 35 (1st time)
APs: 7 taken so far; 5's, one 3; senior year- 5 AP's
SATII: Math II 800, World 790, Chemistry 750, US 760 </p>

<p>I don't plan on retaking my standardized tests. It seems too late, and I don't think I can handle prepping with applications.</p>

- heavily involved in 2-3 organizations (president, state level office, awards at national and state level)
- Band: all state, marching band 9-12
- Church ensemble</p>

<p>I know it seems like I don't have too many extracurriculars, but I cut down clubs that I didn't feel quite passionate towards. I don't know if that hurts my chances of looking well-rounded, but I just didn't have time or the energy for everything.</p>

<p>Asian international living in the US, requesting for financial aid... A single-parent home with a sister in college. And that's the part that worries me. I have yet to receive my residency, and it freaks me out that it's so difficult to get into Columbia as an international when asking for financial aid. AND I'm Asian, so I'm scared of the competition there.</p>

<p>Nevertheless, I plan on applying ED to Columbia. I would appreciate the feedback from you guys. Thanks.</p>


<p>I've already submitted my ED application. BUT, PLEASE! ANYONE.........?</p>

<p>If you were a domestic applicant, I would say you have a decent chance but you ECs are very lacking. However, your international... So How about you tell me this: what extracurriculars are you specifically a part of (with leadership positions)? are you applying for financial aid? What major do you plan on?</p>

<p>Oh sorry I didn't see your financial aid paragraph at the bottom. Still answer the other two questions for me</p>

<p>i think your stats are very good. however, i don't see anything that stands out too much, extracurricular-wise... that maybe because you didn't list everything out though :P how do you feel about your essays and supp?</p>