Chance Dartmouth 2016 RD?

<p>Since i'm freaking out about not getting a likely letter (:</p>

<p>Asian male, competitive public school, California</p>

<p>Economics, math major</p>

<p>UW GPA: 3.90
W GPA: around 4.4</p>

<p>SAT: 2300 (800CR, 750M, 750WR)
SATII: 800 US History, 790 Chem, 790 Math II
AP's: Comp Sci A: 5
Euro: 5
US History: 5
Calculus AB: 5
Chemistry: 5
Macroecon: 5
Microecon: 5</p>

<p>IB diploma Candidate</p>

<p>Senior Schedule: IB classes- Mathematics HL, History HL, English, Physics, French,
All A's first semester</p>

<p>School Extracurriculars
-Relay For Life (10,11,12) Team Captain
-FBLA (10, 11, 12) Team Captain
-Math team(11,12) Cabinet officer
-NHS: (10,11,12)
-Solar Car (10,11,12) Specialist
-Piano for 13 years</p>

<p>Volunteer Work
-president of a student-run organization to raise funds for human rights in Southeast Asia
-Volunteer at church: I play piano for the worship service
-School related volunteer: NHS
-I teach Mathcounts at local middle school</p>

-Currently an intern for a local business</p>

-AMC 12: 112.5
AIME qualifier 10-11
-AIME: 6
-US National Chemistry Olympiad National Qualifier
-National Merit Semifinalist
-Won several FBLA awards at the local and state level; also have a national award for top five in an event
-Music Teacher Association Advanced Level Certificate and Music Theory Award
-MTAC Panel finalist
-a few team awards for solar car</p>

<p>Reccomendations were really good!
French teacher - had me for two years. We got along really well. Said i was one of the best students she ever had.
Math - had me for two years.
Peer - It was good (:</p>

<p>Essays: I wrote about my struggles with piano, how I came to gradually appreciate it. It was in a pretty unique style, but the subject may have been cliche. It was a hit or miss. May have sounded a bit weird.</p>

<p>Chance please!</p>

<p>As someone who did receive a likely letter: your standardized test scores are better than mine by far, so there's no need to worry about that. The only thing I noticed from your post is that your extracurriculars seem scattered - though they are all impressive, nothing particularly sticks out and holistically they don't seem to paint a picture. At this point, though, you've accomplished more than most high school students and done everything you can do to impress admissions officers. Good luck!</p>

<p>Chill out Tomdead, you are going to get into many schools, and possibly Dartmouth. Enjoy the moment and your senior year.</p>

<p>Hardly anyone gets likely letters. The vast, vast majority of admitted students don't.</p>

<p>what is a likely letter??</p>