Chance for an interview at HBS 2+2 program

<p>Chance for an interview at HBS 2+2 program</p>

1. GPA: 3.65 (3.4 as freshman improving to 4.0 as junior)
2. GMAT: 770
3. Ethnicity: Eastern European
4. Undergrad: Math/econ major and attend a top target school for free by having financial aid/multiple outside scholarships
5. Languages: Spanish, Arabic, native Eastern European language, and English
6. Work experience: Three summers finance internships - same company - one of the top ten finance companies in the world asset more than $25 billion (buy side experience).
7. Recommendations - strong recommendations
8. Leadership experience: Multiple activities/recognized in an activity on national level.
9. Strong Essays
10. National level awards in multiple activities.</p>

1. Need lots of $$$$$$$$ in financial aid as belong to a poor family and need money to attend school.
2. No family connection in finance/HBS
3. Not excellent communication skills in English, but use heavy quant skills to overcome this problem as hedge funds has hired me since freshman year.</p>