Chance for BOSTON COLLEGE + UMich + Notre Dame (all EA)

<p>GPA - uw 3.4, w 3.6
Schedule - MOST challenging - at least according to my counselor
AP: 6 (Bio, US Hist, Chem, Gov, Calc AB, Eng Lit)
Honors: 2 (Foreign Language, Eng Lang)
College Credit: 2 (Ceramics, Psychology)
Class rank: Top 20% (no specific rank)</p>

<p>SAT: 2190 (CR 740, M 730, W 720) or 1470 (CR+M)
SAT II: Math 2 (750+), Bio (700+)</p>

<p>*PLEASE note, downward trend (slightly, by .1-ish). have a D my freshman year (geometry). C- and C+ from AP Bio in junior year; but with weighted, it's an upward trend.</p>

Intern - Harper's BAZAAR
Intern - (another fashion magazine)
Badminton (4 years - co-captain)
Science Club (Treasurer)
Asian Club (co-captain)
Art Club (VP)
NSLC - Public Relations
Writer for online essay club (co-founder)</p>

<p>Volunteer: Beach clean up (3yrs), library volunteer (3yrs), and reading partner (2yrs)</p>

<p>Major: Communication (College of Arts & Sciences)</p>

<li>California resident</li>
<li>Permanent resident (not citizen)</li>
<li>Attending CA public school (not extremely competitive)</li>


<p>I think you have a good chance at BC for sure - they get so many East Coast applicants that you'll have some geographic diversity. Although your GPA is a tiny bit on the low side, it's only one part of your application and I think you'll be fine. I'd give it maybe a 50/50 shot at Michigan - you're OOS, which makes it harder, but then agin I know plenty of students from my school who got in to Michigan woth stats extremely similar to yours. Notre Dame I would call the biggest reach, simply because it's become so popular and has so many applicants that it is very hard to get into.</p>

<p>Your test scores are fine for all three, your GPA will be the problem. I think Michigan and Notre Dame will be big reaches - Michigan because 89% of admits have a GPA of 3.5 or better, throw in your OOS status and things look tough. BC is in reach though the prevailing wisdom is that the average admit GPA is around 3.6.</p>

<p>Your GPA will hurt you at all 3 schools, even Boston College. I think knowing your major would be helpful. If it is Engineering (Lurie) or Business (Ross) at Michigan then I'd say your chances are less than if you apply to LSA.</p>

<p>The "D" is not good, either, but at least you got it as a freshman and one of these schools may not look at freshman grades and there is probably one that will. You should look this up and see, I'm sorry but I don't know off the top of my head. </p>

<p>Nortre Dame- mid reach
Michigan- low reach
Boston College- high match</p>