Chance for BU? BC? Northeastern?

<p>I'm going into junior year, but want to see if i have any chance (obviously i want to go to college in Boston)</p>

<p>Classes Taken:</p>

Global History Honors
Gym/Earth Science Lab (switch every day)
Earth science
Comp Apps/ Freshman introduction
Studio Art</p>

Art/Health(one each semester)
Geometry (recomended for Honors- didnt fit)
AP Euro
Biology (intended major- 98 in class all year)
Computer Science (intro for ap, not too good at it)
Gym/ Bio Lab</p>

Psychology (reg class but i plan on taking ap exam)
Algebra 2/ Trig
Chem Honors
Science Elective (full year class)
Gym/Chem H Lab
<em>Wanna self Study either APES or APHG</em></p>

Gov/Economic (ap for one of them maybe)
either AP Bio or Ap physics (if ap bio then reg physics)
PreCalc Honors
College Italian (get credit)
and electives-no clue which ones though</p>

<p>anyways- what do you think? do i have a shot class wise, ive maintained around a 91 average all year, i dont plan to get into BC though... ive taken part in a few extra curicular activies and plan on doing more next year im taking the SAT 2s in Bio, Chem, Math 1, and maybe Italian if you can think of anymore go ahead and suggest... thanks!</p>

<p>That's all great, but the two most important parts of your application are standardized tests and GPA. Let's hear it.</p>

<p>i have a 3.5 gpa and could probably raise it for tests im not sure as i start in october with SAT 2s, ACT, SAT... but i will be attending a class for SAT... my PSAT score was 150/240 but i want to get a 175/250 for this year</p>

<p>College Board states that for the 25th percentile of admits to the three schools of your choice, the SAT average was:
1780 - Northestern
1880 - Boston College
1760 - Boston University</p>

<p>^Keep in mind this is the -25th percentile- of admitees, which are mediocre compared to the majority of the applicant pool (in terms of test scores, of course, not as people!). All the same, even if you got a 175/240 on your PSAT, that translates to a 1750 on the SAT, which doesn't hit even the 25th percentile mark for any of those three schools.</p>

<p>In other words, unless your SAT score is an 1800 or higher (which is a 180/240 on the PSAT), you've got a very slim chance of being admitted unless you're a legacy, recruited athlete, under-represented minority, or come from a very poor background.</p>

<p>You can by all means apply: of the three, your best shot is at BU. But you need to raise your SAT score if you want a serious chance of admission. Also, make sure you apply to a safety school.</p>

<p>Good luck with everything! :)</p>