Chance for Bucknell?

Bucknell is one of my top three choices - my two other colleges waitlisted me - and I wanted to know what chance I have to getting in to Bucknell/at least being waitlisted.

1350 SAT
4.0 UW GPA
Managing Editor of two publishing presses
Class Rank #1
Paid Job for a year
Published Writer
EC’s are eh, but still there


I think you definitely have a chance but it depends on your major. Management and engineering are extremely competitive so that might be tough. I know this year the management acceptance rate was 12%. But your stats are not too bad so I would say shoot for it

@college1223567 I actually got in! I didn’t end up committing there though.

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@pandagirl567 Why didn’t you ?

@ZiadAyman I ended up going to Lehigh instead - larger undergrad size, bigger campus, closer to places like philly and nyc

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