chance for Conell ED (hotel)?

<p>Where can i get in with my stats? </p>


<p>hi i am a student from Long Island NY .. my schools good apparently even thuogh id ont believe it .(like got 33th in nation public highschool ) i dont know how they got it or even it is from a reliable source anyway.. I am trying to put all the college apps together and i ahve some ideas but not really so please help</p>

<p>I came here 5 years ago from Korea</p>

<p>My GPA = 3.4 unweighted 3.2 freshmen year 3.2 soph and 3.85 in Junior year... so definitely improved over the years... 8.9 percentile belive or not</p>

<p>SAT = 1340 Verbal 540 Math 800 (yeayea i know big gap isnt good for me but what can i say)</p>

<p>SAT II = Math Ic 730 , taking writing (expecting 600+), Math IIc expecting 700+ and Korean (99% 800 but nto going to do anything for me) </p>

<p>Extra Curr.
Varsity Club
Tri-M Music society
Fencing (Captain)
All-State Violinist
and some more....</p>

<p>I am applyign Cornell Hotel administration early and Indiana Michigan, Binghamton (EA) and I am thinking of more colleges to Apply if i dont get into cornell which i think would happen... so give me some tips please</p>

<p>thank you, If you need to know more info. IM me at Mkrulezdaworld</p>

<p>45% I say. Or even less - hovering around 35~45% range.</p>

<p>I dont think you have a very good chance. You're academic record isnt that good. You're SATs are pretty low. More than that, though, your extracurriculars dont really show any leadership. Cornell Hotel Administration is probably their most competitive school. People will be applying there most likely with the best possible stats PLUS internships at hotels and other service industries. The school is so specific that the adcom, in my opinion, want to be really sure that the student wants to work in this field and has taken steps to get there already. You don't really show that...</p>