Chance for Cornell, JHU, and others??

<p>Unweighted GPA- 3.8 in a great upward trend. (Start highschool with a 3.3)
Weighted- 6.6 (County calculates in a weird way)
SAT - 2070 ( 770M- 620CR- 680W(11 on essay)) Prolly gonna retake
ACT- 30 (35Science- 34 Math 28Writing 22Reading) Probably gonna retake as
SAT II- 680-Chem 770-Math1 (Gonna take Bio and Math 2 in fall, expecting 770+ in Math and 710+ in Bio)
Rank- 99%tile (2/900+)
Miami, Fl Resident</p>

<p>Full IB Diploma Candidate (IB History HL, IB Biology HL, IB English HL, IB Chem SL, IB Spanish SL, IB Math SL)
5 AP Classes from 9-12 (AP World History, AP US Govt., AP Eng. Lit, AP Psych, AP Calc BC)
Pakistani-Born immigrant
Family income <$30,000
First Generation College
Including summer dual-enrollment classes, i'll finish with a total of 40.5 credits</p>

Community Service- 500+ Hours, including Cancer Research, And going downtown to feed the homeless (Project Downtown)
I volunteer a lot at a local mosque
I tutor in school and privately
Have done an internship at a Car Dealership (in the sales/finance department)
Secretary of Mu Alpha Theta
1 year JV Volleyball
National AP Scholar
President of Muslim Students Association
Active member of national honor society, science honor society, spanish honor society
Done community service in two different hospitals (110 in one and 50 in another)
Done about 8 dual enrollment classes at a local college</p>

<p>I'll get marvelous letters of recommendations from my teachers and counselor</p>

<p>Senior Workload:
AP Calc BC
IB History HL
IB Spanish SL
IB English HL
Physics Honors
I wanna major in Bio/MicroBio (PreMed)</p>

<p>Chances to get into:
-Johns Hopkins
-UMiami (FL)</p>

<p>What other top notch schools should I consider?

<p>You have a lot of great things working in your favor, although reading is definitely a concern. You're clearly not on top of it, given both your SAT and ACT scores in reading are very low compared to the rest of your credentials. Given your current test scores, you'd be dragging yourself into the "maybe, maybe not" category for Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Emory and Tufts.</p>

<p>Something else to consider is the fact that your one year with JV volleyball shows lack of long-term dedication. Maybe consider leaving that one out.</p>

<p>Most likely acceptances at UF, UMiami, Wake Forest, and Tufts.</p>

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<p>How do you have national ap scholar award with only 5ap's?</p>

<p>AP Scholar***
not National</p>

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<p>In at UF and Miami.</p>

<p>Good fit at Wake Forest.</p>

<p>The rest are reaches with your current scores. In order of likelihood-Emory, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Cornell.</p>

<p>Reach for Cornell, Hopkins, Emory and maybe Tufts but should be in at the others.
Reasoning: Low test scores and variety of EC's rather than one clear passion.</p>

<p>With the great rank I'd focus on the scores this summer and fall. Have you tried a class and lots of practice tests?</p>