Chance for Cornell, UPenn & Columbia

<p>Student in Canada, Catholic High school
Immigrant from Ukraine '01
SAT: M: 660, 670 R:670, 680 W: 690,700
SAT ST: waiting for Math I, Math II and French scores</p>

Grade 9-crap (60s)
Grade 10- mid 80s
Grade 11- ~93 Average;
6 grade 12 courses taken in Grade 11, in which average was 91
Grade 9-11- School with no APs
Current (senior year)- I have 3 subjects this semester- Econ (95), AP World History (98), AP Psych (100)
Next Semester : AP Calculus, AP English, AP Euro History and AP Physics
All marks are unweighted
AP Exams to be taken: ENG, world Hist, Euro Hist, Physics, Calculus BC, Calculus AB, Microecon, French, Psychology
letters from department heads at my old school
good essays
Ranking Unknown
Completed Bilingual Diploma (Extended French); Russian Saturday School Diploma and Ukrainian Saturday School Diploma</p>

<p>Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English &French; passive ability in Polish, Belorussian; some knowledge of Italian and German</p>

piano at conservatory, working towards diploma, music ensemble
tv show host
youth theatre
volunteering at church
volunteered at municipal elections
to volunteer at the Leader of the Federal Opposition (Ignatieff)'s office
part of an intnl organization that assists immigrants and creates community projects
compose my own music
teacher at saturday school
tutoring business
performed at UofT's fundraisers for global causes
model UN
working on a group project to publish a book about Toronto
probably have ~2000 hours</p>

<p>public speaking 2nd place at board finals
sir isaac newton physics contest- in the top 22% of all participants
euclid math contest; hypatia math contest- 1st in school</p>

<p>may submit arts supplement
Other factors?
family problems, immigration</p>

<p>will need major financial aid
all applications are for RD</p>

<p>want to enter Investment Banking. Consequently, I want to go into an Econ major, or a business major.
Chance me for : 1. AEM Cornell 2. CAS Cornell 3. ILR Cornell 4. uPenn 5. Columbia 6. Dartmouth 7. Stern
Any other alternative?</p>


<p>I don’t mean to sound like I’m evil, but your chances are slim. You have a VERY impressive EC list, but you’re grades aren’t as up to par as other Ivy applicants. You may get into Cornell, but don’t count on UPenn’s Wharton business school. Stern is a waste of time: it’s 2nd tier education at top tier cost. Good luck, though!</p>