Chance for Dartmouth

<p><em>Yes I posted this on the chance thread</em>
Location: East coast
School: Competitive public high school (about 450 kids)
Race: White
Gender: Male</p>

<p>GPA: 98.4 (unweighted); 101.9 (weighted); (on a 4.0 scale my unweighted is a 4.0 not sure about the weighted)
Rank: On track to being valedictorian (projected: 1/125)
Courses: Most rigorous curriculum including 7 AP courses (my school offers 15)</p>

<p>Junior year (projected place score in parenthesis):
AP Chemistry (4 or 5)
AP Calculus AB (5)
AP Statistics (4 or 5)
AP English Language (5)</p>

<p>Senior year courses I plan on taking:
AP Biology
AP Calculus BC
AP English Literature </p>

<p>PSAT: 204
ACT: 32 (went in cold; retaking and am confident of a 34 or 35)
SAT: Don't plan on taking (depends on ACT retake score)
SAT Subject Tests: Math 1 (700); I am taking Chemistry and Math 2 and think I can get a 750+ on both.</p>

<p>Important ECs (leadership position in parenthesis):
Math Honor Society- 10-12 (Treasurer Junior year; probably President or VP Senior year)
Math Club- 9-12 (Highest scorer from entire high school in competitions)
National Honor Society- 11-12
School Newspaper- 9-12 (Probably Co-editor Senior year)
Drama Club- 10-12 (Treasurer Junior year; Probably President or VP Senior year)
Mock Trial- 9-12 (Lead Lawyer Sophomore and Junior year; Lead Lawyer Senior year)
Mentoring Club (Free Tutoring through school)- 9-11
Peer Mediator (Help middle school kids with social/academic problems)- 11-12
Varsity Ice Hockey- 10-12
Varsity Tennis- 10-12 (All-league Sophomore year and probably junior and senior year)
"The Challenge" (Quiz TV Show)- 12 (Technically, I did it junior year but our team had to forfeit because of the wacky october snow storm; will be Team Captain Senior year)
Volunteering at Hospital- 9-12 (Medicine is my true passion)
*I also plan on shadowing a physician starting this summer</p>

Multiple school awards for excellence
Highest GPA award every year since 9th grade
Principal's List every quarter since 9th grade
U.S. Air Force Math and Science Award
Probably National Merit Commended </p>

<p>Work Experience:
Lifeguard- 9-12
Tutoring- 10
Soccer Referee- 9-12</p>

<p>Intended Major: Engineering Sciences (BME)
Strengths: GPA, Rank
Weaknesses: Test Scores, virtually no hooks
Thanks again for any advice.</p>


<p>You are qualified to get accepted to Dartmouth, but as I'm sure you know, admissions at top universities are unpredictable. Your ECs are impressive, but what do you feel most passionate about? Perhaps within the next few months you can think of ways to show the admissions officers what is most meaningful to you - whether that be through committing more time to a particular EC or merely considering how you'd like your Common App essays to showcase your commitment. Some people feel that approach is not necessary, and while I do think that being well-rounded is important, you still should frame your application (which will only receive around 20 minutes of review) in such a way that concisely shows the officers what is important about you. Best of luck!</p>