Chance for direct admit to Stony Brook University Computer Science

Fall of 2023
US Citizen
Massachusetts Resident
Public High School
Computer Science

Weighted GPA 3.95

SAT 1460 (720 reading, 760 math)

3 years Spanish
Junior year AP US History
Junior year AP Language and Composition
Junior Year AP World History

Senior year courses
AP Microeconomics
AP Calculus AB
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Statistics
Honors Physics
Honors Accounting 3
Honors English

JV Cross Country 9, 10
JV Winter Track 9, 10 (Varsity) 11, 12 (planned)
JV Spring Track 9, 10 (Varsity) 11, 12 (planned)
Krav Maga Martial Arts training 10, 11, 12 (planned)
KP Leo Club - community service club 11, 12 (planned)
KP Cares- community service club 11, 12 (planned)
Dunkin Donuts part-time job 11, 12 (planned)

Any other colleges that you might suggest?

UMass Amherst is worth a shot, tough admit to CS for sure, but your stats are strong. UMass Lowell is very good for CS and would be a good safety/likely. As a MA resident these would be the obvious schools I’d have at or near the top of the list. Apply Early Action.

Thank you. I am still working on my list of schools and am new to College Confidential.

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Just chancing you. Admit to AOI-CS likely, direct admit to CS not likely as it is a high bar at stonybrook. I am assuming your UW GPA is ~3.6-3.7 for the purposes of chancing.

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