Chance for Drexel 2025

My d is a junior --and Drexel has moved up to her top spot. We are flying there to visit in March and she has already spoken with admissions and has a meeting with Westphal.

Major: Graphic Design
Competent portfolio
SAT 1270 as a 10th grader, will take it in two weeks and may have a new score in March. Khan predicts she will have closer to a 1300

GPA 3.8 UW

No AP or Honors but 11th grade, she will have one College Class, and 12th grade almost all of her classes will be at the community college.

Student Government
Leader of Book Club
Year round job at Jamba Juice
Summer Job at our City Aquatic Center
CPR Certifications
Attend Moore College Institute this summer and receive 3 college credits from them
Library Volunteer

For her EC’s none of them were all four years so that’s probably not good…