chance for ed ilr

<p>Asian from competitive suburban public high school in CA.
primary- ILR, secondary- CAS, just submitted my ED application</p>

<p>GPA: 3.75 uw, 4.08 w (doesn't rank, but top 4% according to UC-ELC)
SAT: 700 math, 800 reading, 720 writing
SAT II: 800 world history, 780 math II, 750 us history, 670 lit.
senior yr. courses: ap calculus bc, ap gov't, ap econ, ap chem, ap english lit, wind ensemble
community college courses: latin american poli sci, int'l relations, microecon
Activities: Marching band (section leader), swimming team, clarinet-related music stuff (symphonic band/wind ensemble- section leader/soloist, community college ensemble, music club), TA @ church preschool, Latin club- JCL
Awards- national latin exam- gold medals (3 yrs), 2nd in ancient geography in the nation, 1st in roman history and ancient geography @ state level, national latin honor society, outstanding musicianship.</p>

<p>you have a good shot. make sure your ILR essay is good.</p>