Chance for Georgetown B.S. Finance EA for this Indian male rugby player ;)

<p>Hi All. I am a current senior at a suburban high school in Houston, TX. I really want to apply to Georgetown EA but am worried about my chances and thinking EDing to NYU Stern instead. Anyways, sorry about the chatter. Here are those cold, hard stats </p>

<p>SAT1: 2130(740 Reading, 700 Math, 690 Reading)-Not planning on retaking
ACT-planning to take...expecting around 32/33
SAT2: World History-660
GPA: 3.7ish unweighted...Unfortunately, school won't release transcripts upon requests as it is "backlogged" </p>

<p>Rank: 40/791</p>

<p>AP Courseload: AP Computer Science A (3), AP World History (3), AP US History (2), AP Chemistry (4), AP Biology (3), AP Spanish Language (2), AP English IV (2)</p>

<p>Senior Year Courseload: AP Government, AP Economics, AP Physics B, AP Calculus BC, HST2-(health class where you do rotations in hospital)/Debate </p>

<p>Major Awards:
*National Merit Commended
*AP Scholar
*Gurmukhi Award for Speech Competition (1st place)
*other miscellaneous awards </p>

<p>Extracurriculars: Computer Science Club (UIL Liason Officer-sophomore year; Represented team at annual HP CodeWars competition; selected for UIL team); HOSA (20-30 hours of community service over a span of three years); NHS (volunteering); Spanish NHS (volunteering); Chess Club (local tournaments); Sikh Club (founder and President-invited national level bhangra teams and performances to school/marketing and networking/ handle funding from external resources); Woodlands Rugby (ranked sixth in nation; chosen for state qualifiers-how should I prove this? no paperwork to back it up); Volunteered at several HISD schools
Job/Work Experience:
*Paid tutor for algebra/precal
*Intern at Texas A&M University's chemical engineering department for summer under a distinguished professor's laboratory
*Intern at local business (SAP Consulting)
*Computer Science teacher under Schlumberger Log-In event (received certificate)
Essays: working really hard on these...however not the best writer; much better speaker than writer
Teacher recommendation: AP Calculus teacher-don't know she's renowned for her recs but I only know her for like a month (we talk a lot, but I still don't know what she will write...maybe I'll drop a few hints or something)/Health Science teacher-not a known teacher but will write a really good rec because not many other people asked him for one so he said he will spend time on mine
Alumni Recommendation: TAMU professor that I worked with
Counselor rec: generic/too many kids...but I plan to maybe help her write it because I know she might be overwhelmed and could use the help
Interview: Am really hoping for one because I know my stats are way too low for this school</p>

<p>Truth be told guys, I went through a horrible time in life. My parents literally ruined my life. They thought I was a pawn they could play with in their divorce and they poisoned my minds against each other. They even refused to pay bills so I had to live without electricity for a week. My mother has bullied me into taking classes and pursuing the medical field when what I have always wanted to do was business. At the end of the day, my parents still can't decide on a divorce and I won't receive any financial aid because I am still not a permanent resident despite living in the U.S for 11 years. I really don't know what to do. Anyways, sorry for the sob story haha. Tell me what you guys think!! I would love to know! and a big THANK YOU to all of you for taking the time to read this wall of text</p>

<p>Anyone here to possibly add for a chance?</p>

<p>Georgetown has restrictive EA, so if you apply EA to Georgetown, you can apply EA to other schools but not ED. Applying EA will also not help your chances to get into Georgetown; the acceptance rate for EA is about equal to the RD acceptance. If you wouldn’t get in regular, you’re not going to get in ED.</p>

<p>Is your SAT Verbal score 740 or 690? Georgetown only looks at your score out of 1600.</p>

<p>740…would that help possibly?</p>

<p>Also, #9 in our class is applying to SFS at Gtown and is an avid debater with vivid ecs…would that put me at a disadvantage since we are from the same school?</p>

<p>Just work on those SAT 2’s and essays. You should be completely fine! Chance me? <a href=“[/url]”></a></p>

<p>Thanks hopefultoharvard :)…anyone else who would like to add in? I only have ED and I would like to use it wisely ;)</p>

<p>Anyone else with any opinions?</p>