Chance for Good schools

<p>I'm a rising senior!
GPA: 3.8 UW (4.9 weighted)
SAT: 2080 (CR: 670 M:710 W:700) ---> will retake after extensive CR and Writing preparation.
SAT II's: Math lvl 1: 710 and USH: 770
Rank: 30/780
EC's: Varsity basketball, Math Club, and NHS
Community service: 300+ hours
Ap: Will have taken 9 by end of HS (5 this year and 4 next year so I don't know the scores yet)
Race: White
gender: male </p>

<p>Wondering if I have any chance whatsoever for any of the ivies???
Also looking at University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, University of FL, Vanderbilt, UNC, and possibly Duke (I realize some may be reaches but I'm wondering if I have even have a glimmer of hope for the top schools)</p>

<p>Also would like to hear any suggestions for where else to look at and what I need to do to improve my application. Thanks</p>


<p>I think your best chances are with Vanderbilt, UMichigan and UWisconsin. Duke might seem a bit out of reach. Perhaps you could try Cornell.</p>