Chance for Human Ecology? I'll chance back (:

<p>Hello! I am a rising senior applying early to cornell's college of human ecology!! Please read through everything and chance me honestly and I'll do the same if you want (:
Gender: F
Location: California
High School: Public; sends some grads to top schools
Will apply for financial aid: Yes</p>

<p>GPA - Unweighted: 3.79
GPA - Weighted: 4.10 (trend of a's went up to straight a's junior year)
Class Size: 500; doesn't rank</p>

<p>SAT I Math: 770
SAT I Critical Reading: 630
SAT I Writing: 800
SAT II U.S. History: 730
SAT II Math Level 2 (IIC): 800
SAT II Physics: 680
SAT II Korean with Listening: 800
AP Art History: 4
AP Physics B: 3
AP Calc BC: 4
AP Calc AB subscore: 5
AP Studio Art: 5
AP U.S History: 5</p>

<p>Extracurriculars/Volunteer: Pacific American Volunteer Association (environmental), Children's Museum, Milal Class Agape (volunteer with children who have disabilities), Fashion show (twice just for one day events as a model), Habitat for Humanity volunteer, mission trips to Mexico and Peru, chief editor of a book to be published, Rose Bowl participant and winner of 2013 Bandfest </p>

<p>Leadership positions: Jr. President within a district of an organization, treasurer of an ngo</p>

<p>Honors and Awards: President's Award (Gold), Principal's Honor Roll (all years in high school so far), Irvine City Council award, LA City Council award, Korean Consul General award, California District 22 Senator's award</p>

<p>College Summer programs: LCAD graphic design introductory course, Art Center environmental design course, UCLA architecture program</p>

<p>background information: I don't have a transcript for freshmen second semester because I went to Korea and came back after like 2 months, so I had to make up all my credits during the summer and school year.</p>

<p>CHE is more “fit” than “stats” driven in comparison to some of Cornell’s other colleges. As a result the typical “chance me” is a little more difficult. In general the two weak areas of your resume are your 630 SAT CR score (I would advise to take again) & moderate amount of leadership in your EC’s. Your essays & letters of rec. will be the most important part of your application. Visiting Cornell & attending the info session for CHE will help you formulate ideas for your essay. Although your AP scores are good, they are not part of the admission process.</p>

<p>i see. thank you for the insight!! i do have more leadership positions, but i couldn’t think of it at the moment. as for the critical reading score, if i take the sat subject for literature and get a decent score of over 750, will it help the CR score??</p>

<p>You only have one testing opportunity remaining for ED app. I would focus on the CR score and ignore the Lit Subject Test. If you need the SAT II for another school, take it in November but try to increase the CR for Cornell’s ED. Being cynical, I will say that schools track & report the SAT subscores but do not report SAT IIs…so, focus on SAT I.</p>

<p>thank you (: i actually wanted to retake the physics and raise it over 730 so that’s why i suggested the literature… i’m in a dilemma for which one i should focus on. i’m applying for the design environmental analysis at che so i thought that physics might be an important factor… what do you mean by not reporting sat II’s??</p>

<p>SAT I scores are weighted much more heavily than SAT II scores. Definitely retake the SAT I. As far as your question on reporting, CT1417 is correct, a big factor in the college “ratings game” is average test scores. Each college must publish the “Common Data Set” (this is where US News, etc. get their stats for their rankings). When reporting SAT scores, CR & M averages are reported individually. As a result, you do not want to be below the 25th percentile in either one. Although every admission office will say it is a “holistic process”, they still have to be aware of playing the game. Being in the top 20 in rankings means more alumni $.</p>