Chance for Illinois at Urbana for Engineering? Ill chance back

<p>hi guys, do you think i have a shot at ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING at university of illinois at urbana champaign? heres my info:</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.58 / 4.00
Weighted GPA: 5.08 / 5.00</p>

Second: 32 (30 E, 30 R, 35 M, 32 S)
Third: 32 (34 E, 27 R, 34 M, 32 S)</p>

First: 2010 (760 M, 620 V, 630 W)
Math level 2 - 800</p>


<p>European history (4), US History (2) (probably gunna cancel or not send)
Computer Sci A (4), Calc BC, Gov</p>

<p>Senior Schedule:</p>

<p>Rhetoric (1st sem) / British Lit 1 (2nd sem)
AP GOV (1st sem) / Philosophy honors (2nd sem)
Computer Science topics Honors (post-AP)
physics honors
latin 3-4 vergil</p>

<p>Extra currics:</p>

<p>SADD member sophomore, junior, senior
FEA member soph, president junior and senior
Library volunteer junior year for about 30 hours
job over junior year summer at burgerking</p>

<p>while youre at it, could any of you chance me for these other schools' electrical engineering programs?</p>

University of Michigan
Carnegie Mellon</p>