Chance for international in boarding school

<p>Senior from Korea in a mid tier US boarding school (came in 9th grade)</p>

<p>Applied for Arts and Sciences Undecided</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.6</p>

<p>SAT score: 750 math, 720 writing, 600 critical reading (2070)</p>

<p>SAT II: 750 Math 2C, 750 World History, 670 Japanese with listening</p>

<p>iBT: 104</p>

<p>AP: Chinese Language and Culture 5, Calculus AB 5</p>

<p>Languages (S/R/W): Korean, English, Mandarin, Japanese</p>

<p>Year abroad in Beijing with 4 or 7 classes taken in Mandarin; received Chinese speech award</p>

<p>Senior Year Classes:
- AP Microeconomics
- AP Macroeconomics
- AP Calculus BC
- Biology
- US History
- English IV: Shakespeare
- Piano Recital</p>

<p>Fundraising/service projects:
- fundraised to bring medicine to Sri Lanka; receive presidential citation
- fundraised to bring writing untensils and furniture to South African orphanage
- held photo exhibition fundraiser for Unicef Korea and Korean orphanage
- tutored in English and Chinese for Korean orphanage (4 years)</p>

- translator for photo/presentation company (Summer 2010, 2011)
- English translator International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (2011)
- English and Chinese translator International Association of Athletics Dederations (2011)</p>

<p>Activities: Piano and Ocarina; School Big Band, Rock Band, Jazz Combo Band</p>

<p>Question: can I do anything to raise my chance?</p>

<p>Also, how important is the essay? I'm worried mine was not good.</p>

<p>CORRECTION: Applied International Business</p>

<p>Class rank? A 3.6 sounds really low, but I know GPA systems vary considerably by country and school.</p>