Chance for Ivies and top schools but have two big weaknesses

<p>Chance me for ivies, nescac schools , and especially Penn because I will apply early decision most likely to college of arts and sciences. However have one devestating blow
Hello I am a rising senior looking to apply to Upenn ED and other ivies. As I am looking at my previous year, I notice I had one C in my whole high school career during my freshman year at an IB public school in placement biology course. In addition, they made me take Algebra 1 as a new sophomore again at my new school for no reason but I will end my high school career with Calculus and AP Statistics. I hated the school so much I convinced my parents to move to prep school in Virginia in ever since I have had all A's and A-s and have taken 5-6 APS and honors classes and have received 4s and 5s on exams. In addition, i have 2200 on SAT and high 700's on subject tests of US, Latin, and Chemistry. </p>

<p>Lastly, I have started clubs like investment club, and International Rescue Club and I am the president of Habitat Humanity at my school and treasurer representative of the organization in my town.There all interconnected because, the money we have made in the investment club has been given to the Habitat organization to build homes for refugees. I have also had 300+ hrs with community service including working with the UVA hospital and community soup kitchens. Have received national Latin awards and classic awards, and have taken college Latin course and done research with a latin professor. In addition, I am a legacy at Penn and will apply early decision. Also, I am a 5 varsity letter in squash and lacrosse</p>

<p>I was wondering would that one C hurt me with schools like Williams, Amherst, Middlebury, Penn, Dartmouth, would they overlook it and see the anomaly, because since it was freshman year in a situation that I hated and the weird explanation of Algebra 1 in sophmore year. Counselor said he could explain it. ( which I could explain the situation of C or explain the terrible situation at the school). Also, they could see my upward trend, see what I accomplished, and seen what I have become.I was hoping where you think I stand with these ivies and if you could tell me if thats a big problem or if I have other weaknesses. In addition, if it looks like I stand out. Thank you so much I look forward to responses. How do I look for an applicant to Ivy League school like UPENN and do I stand out as a possible applicant that could be accepted.</p>

<p>You don’t look like a likely candidate because you are going absolutely nuts over one C. You’ve got to be kidding me. You need to RELAX. One C isn’t going to kill you. What is going to kill your app is worrying so much about that C that you forget about everything else.</p>

<p>I agree, worry less. It is hard to tell if it will hurt you, each college will look at it in their own way, focus on the rest of your application.</p>