Chance for Ivy + Top Tiers [will chance back]

<p>I am a high school JUNIOR.</p>

<p>Academics: </p>

<p>Unweighted 4.0 (out of 4.0)
Weighted: 7.0 (ranked 5th out of 12,000 people)
SAT: Haven't taken yet but expected 2300
SAT II: Haven't taken yet but expected 800 US history, 800 Math I, 770 World History
ACT: Will not take</p>

<p>School: Most competitive, sends 5-10 kids to Ivy/top tiers each year
Workload: 3-4 hours/day Freshmen year, 3-4 hours/day Sophomore year, 4-5 hours/day Junior Year, 5-6 hours/day Senior Year
IB-Candidate with many dual enrollment classes/online classes</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:</p>

<p>American Red Cross - school club founder/president (2nd largest club in school, increased membership by 160 people), regional officer of youth, helped teach 4,000 (approximately) kids (will reach about 8,000 by time of apps) First Aid/Disaster Safety/Water Preparedness, founded and coordinated a tutoring program for club, raised about $2,000+ for Red Cross, attendee of summer leadership camp (later appointed Creative Director for camp project), host weekly projects to collect supplies for disaster victims/international troops, sponsored health fairs to inform public on flu/first aid/etc</p>

<p>Key Club - Historian/Vice-President, 3rd largest school club (over 150 members), logged about 300+ hours, helped organize monthly drives for jeans/money/cereal, taught tennis to handicapped kids, etc</p>

<p>Metropolitan Ministries (regional homeless shelter) - Intern/High-Impact Person, coordinated activities for volunteers, delegated volunteer tasks, gave orientations to volunteers, sorted food/clothing for homeless, helped people shop for food, cleaned up shelter, prepared food for homeless, etc; intern 8 hours/week (intern since 2011), shelter has served over hundreds of thousands of people</p>

<p>Beta Honor Society - Vice-President/President - Club of 50+, Coordinated volunteer events, helped fund-raise over $1,000 for a local unfortunate family for Christmas, organized holiday drive to provide hundreds of supplies for international troops, river cleanups, and more volunteer events</p>

<p>Relay For Life - Team Captain - fund-raised about $2,000 for American Cancer society</p>

<p>The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Vice-President/President - compete in state and local competitions, practice 2-4 hours a week, won at regional tournaments</p>

<p>PokePins - Founder/CEO - Online business started in 2010, sold virtual products like game codes, scripts for programs, and helped code for other websites; generated thousands of dollars</p>

<p>FBLA - hopeful club officer next year - compete in state tournament (information next)</p>

<p>MusicSpeaks - Starting a non-profit organization to coordinate people to perform live music at elderly/retirement homes </p>

<p>Summer 2012 - applied to Bank of America student leaders program/local VA hospital's internship/looking to take classes at local community college/continue internship at Metropolitan/research to compete in Siemens with friends</p>

<p>Might be able to get international internship at dad's work (bank)</p>


<p>1st at FBLA regional competition
Top 8 in Florida for FBLA
American Red Cross Superior Achievement Award

Recs should be fairly good, will ask additional from regional Red Cross coordinator/Metropolitan Ministries manager
Hooks: None
Essay: About my teaching of 8,000 kids
Income: $100,000+/year</p>

<p>Chance for:
UMiami med program (legacy)
BU Med
Johns Hopkins
Washington U in St. Louis
UC Berkeley</p>

<p>...You have 12,000 people in your grade?</p>

<p>Our school ranks us against everyone in the county... They don't provide the school rank but I'd guess i'm #3/450 in school.</p>

<p>Miami, Cornell, BU,Berkeley should all be no problem.
Duke, Hopkins, and Wash U all look like good matches as well.
Stanford, Brown, Columbia, Princeton are reaches for everyone, but your exceptional commitment to your community should help alot!</p>

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<p>you are a very competitive applicant with scores and your ecs help too. However, Stanford Columbia Brown and Princeton are reaches because they are very weird with their acceptances. You should be fine everywhere else.</p>

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<p>I think you have really good chances to all of the schools you are applying to. To me, that looks really impressive. Sorry I'm not much of a help.</p>

<p>You're in for sure everywhere except the ivies, Stanford, and the med. programs. Your ecs are extremely good though and your grades are stellar too. All about the standardized tests now.
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<p>OK, Ivies plus Stanford is just unpredictable, so I'd say they're a low reach. Your extracurriculars are great, I'm so jealous! (: You're definitely in at all the other schools, if you do as well as you think you well. Also, why aren't you taking SAT math level II? </p>

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<p>Thanks guys, and @Fleurebell95 - I'm not a super math student haha.</p>

<p>Oh, and might place within top 5 in states for FBLA this year.</p>

<p>I'm a high school junior as well! EC's pretty good, not like massive, but extremely good. Stanford, Brown, Columbia, Princeton reaches, in mostly everywhere else.</p>

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<p>Another Junior here. Your ECs are pretty awesome! and so are your grades. You seem like a really strong candidate at almost all of those schools. Stanford and Princeton seem like they'd be the hardest to get into, but it's like that for every applicant, so don't lose heart! The red cross club sounds amazing btw! That's quite an achievement!</p>

<p>If you wouldn't mind, chance me too? </p>

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<p>Thanks guys, more please!</p>

<p>A school with 450 kids sending 10 to ivies would not be considered "most competitive." most competitive would be sending 30 plus percent. A few percent is great, but nowhere near most competitive on a national level.</p>

<p>You look like an average ivy candidate. The soft factors will drive your decisions. Who else from your school applies (athletes, legacy, URMs), how well represented your state I, essays, recs.....</p>

<p>If you study common data sets you'll see that 2 things will help your chances go up considerably. They are being top 2 and having SATs in the high 2300s.</p>

<p>bump, please!</p>