Chance for Master Program

<p>Any one can help me to answer my questions?</p>

<p>I got a Chinese bachelor's degree in China major in Science and technology of food industry.
My working experience is 3 years in microsemiconductor distributing company. (As a sales representative.) And 6 years in my successful self-owned company of microsemiconductor distributor and trader.(Working as CEO and chief sales manager).
Now I sold a part stocks of my company and come to US hoping to continue my studies and applying for a master program. Actually,I think I like Business Analysis,Market Promotion.
Do I have some opportunity of applying for Master program of Business Analysis,Market Promotion and etc(mainly focus on international trading ,business operation or company management).(I hope to apply the school as higher ranking as prossible and igore the financial problem)</p>

<p>I know I need prepare for TOFEL test and GMAT or GRE. And I do think I can pass them.
But my GPA of my bachelor degree is very very low (caculating in chinese is only 2.06).
Do I still have any chance?</p>