Chance for my UCs

<p>UCLA: match
UCB: reach
UCD/UCSB: In; excellent gpa + sat scores</p>

<p>You have a good SAT, so that helps A LOT. And you were president of you Key Club FOUR years? Thats pretty impressive! Throw in a passion for leadership essay for Berkeley and LA and I'd think you're a high match! You should be fine for D + SB; The UC's are pretty numerical based (for the most part, Berkeley and LA tend to scrutinize more). Best of luck with all your college apps! :)</p>

<p>in for all except ucb which is still probably a really high chance</p>

<p>in at all. a little harder to get in berkley but i think you can do it thats a damn fine sat score. </p>

<p>emphasize key club and 4 yrs pres, thats a big deal!</p>

<p>yeah I talked about it in my statement(and of course its in the extra curricular section), so hopefully that helps</p>

<p>bring up my post</p>

<p>You'll fit right in for UCLA. :D try UCSB though :)</p>

<p>Berkeley would be a "reach" for you but that should not discourage you from applying there. Retake SAT II Math and aim for 800 to better your chances at Berkeley.</p>

<p>I think you are a high match for UCB with that SAT score. If you are a match for UCLA you can't be much worse off for UCB-- their admissions ratings/chances aren't that much different, with UCB being only slightly harder. UC's will take a look at what you do in grades 10 and 11.</p>

<p>Yes, UCLA and Berkeley are really competitive.</p>

<p>Ummmm... this was a thread from last winter - dkdkdk has already applied, been admitted to UCB, UCLA, UCD and UCSB and plans to attend UCLA this September <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>