Chance for my UCs

<p>applying now just want to see where I stand
my gpa is pretty low, but I hope i at least have a chance to get in to each im applying to</p>

<p>UC GPA- 4.0
SAT- 2300 (800M, 770W, 730CR)
SAT2- 750M 680USH</p>

Key Club (9th-12th) President all 4 years
Charity Club(9-11th)
Save Darfur(9th-12th) (club based on helping stop genocide)
Varsity Golf (10th-11th)
Junior Varsity Soccer(9th) </p>

Scholar Athlete x3
AP Scholar
(not sure what else, looking through my things still) </p>

<p>Community service
Various things; hundreds of total hours though </p>

<p>Course load this year- 5AP classes + astronomy</p>

<p>Major- Math/ Secondary- applied math</p>

<p>can't think of what else to write, if anyone knows something else i should put let me know </p>

<p>UC i'm applying- UCLA, UCB, UCD, UCSB</p>

<p>i believe you are in for all the uc's exept berkeley</p>

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<p>thanks for replying,
do you think I have any chance at berk? or is too far out of my league? </p>

<p>also extra caveats - im going to be first generation college student, i can't edit to put it in my first post though for some reason
- my school has a limited number of AP courses and NO honors courses so maximum weighted GPA/UC GPA is
a lower than many other schools</p>

<p>bump since this isnt on the front page lol</p>

<p>Can any one tell me how to submit ACT scores to UCSB? I am not able to search UCSB in my ACT account????? Please PM me ASAP</p>

<p>another question from me actually; as an aside from my normal topic </p>

<p>do I need to send score reports via to the UCs when I submit my applications?</p>


<p>I feel bad doing this again, because almost every post in this topic is a bump from me, but nevertheless i must; BUMP</p>

<p>You must send score reports to each UC (through college board) that you are applying to.</p>

<p>Match for all and a slight reach for Berkeley. </p>

<p>Your proclaimed major is mathematics, but you received a 750 on SAT II Math. I'd retake it and aim for 800.</p>

<p>alright, so do I just send it via collegeboard when I submit application? </p>

<p>& i can't retake anymore, I decided to do SAT 1 again rather than my SAT 2 (which turned out to be probably better since i went from 2050 to 2300) so now its too late to sign up for december and its the last UCs take</p>

<p>Send via collegeboard right now. </p>

<p>You still have a chance of taking the SAT II -- if you really care. GO to a test center with papers printed out, and file in as a standby. If there is room, you will test.</p>

<p>ah alright; and if I don't receive an 800 will it look worse for taking it again at the last minute? </p>

<p>also, will my chances increase dramatically from those 50 points?</p>

<p>I think you're golden for all the UC's. Very nice SAT score.
What's your weighted GPA though?</p>

<p>weighted 10-12 4.0 (i believe thats all they look at) </p>

<p>weighted 9-12 a bit lower not sure what it is exactly, i wasnt too good my frosh/soph years .. mostly freshman year though</p>

<p>UCB: Reach
UCLA: Match
UCD, UCSB: In</p>

<p>Your UC GPA is lower than your potential evident from the excellent SAT score. That is why UCB is a reach. First generation and excellent essays might help. If your grades trend higher in junior year, that factor might help too.</p>

<p>"also, will my chances increase dramatically from those 50 points? "</p>

<p>Your projected major is mathematics and about 10% of testers score 800 on math II. </p>

<p>I'd do some studying and get it to can only help.</p>

<p>yeah, i admit im sure my UC GPA could be higher </p>

<p>grade trend incase youre wondering (UW)
freshman year GPA-3.0
soph year GPA-3.66
junior year GPA-4.0</p>

<p>along with that I just submitted; </p>

<p>I used a fee waiver because well, my family is poor- do the individual colleges see I used a Fee waiver? and does it hurt my chances if so?</p>

<p>Since you are going into math with the 800 on the math section of your SATs, I'd say:
UCB:High Match
UCLA: Match
UCSD: Low Match? Most likely in.
UCD/UCSB: In.</p>

<p>thanks mate, and yeah im hoping that does help a little hehe ;)</p>