Chance for Northwestern ED?

*GPA: 3.9uw
*Rank: top 2% w/ class of 700. Competitive school 40+nmsf my year (im not one >.<)
*Fr~Jr: 6 AP Taken/Honors (mainly 5s/4s) AP Scholar w/ Distinction
*Senior Year Schedule: 3 AP + Linear Alg. Math + Required.
*SAT: 1900 (670m, 590cr, 640w) Taken a while ago. Taking ACT/SAT (sept/oct)
*SAT Subj: 800m IIC, 730 chem</p>

*~350 hours community service (3 years)
*3 Clubs (all 4 years each, pretty committed w/ officer positions in each, regional awards + one is state/national qualifier)
*1 Club 2 years (NHS) decently committed. </p>

*Awards/Honors: School Awards, Competitions etc, not that impressive.
*Recs: Should be good, had both teachers for 3 years and for multiple AP classes.
*Essays: I have already started brainstorming and will spend a lot of time on them. Common App should be good, still working on supplement.</p>

*Personally, the only EXTREMELY apparent flaw I see with my app. is my low SAT score. I am retaking and I am pretty sure I can score much higher. Maybe 33/2200+ level.</p>

<p>Bump. I will chance back! Pleaseeeee</p>

<p>Your SAT is WAY too low for Northwestern. Why the discrepancy between the GPA and the SAT?</p>

<p>Also, you have really lackluster and unimpressive ECs/Awards. You even said it yourself. Clubs, especially NHS, don't really hlep unless they're very time-intensive and involved. Good ECs are things like band section leader, varsity team captain, editor in chief of the yearbook/newspaper, etc.</p>

<p>You will certainly be rejected ED. If you raise your SAT to 2200+, you have a better chance, but I don't see you getting in with these ECs.</p>

<p>I don't think ECs are as much of a problem as SAT. At least get 2100+ or 33+ for even a shot. But the ED advantage helps a lot.</p>

<p>Well I admit my sat is not where I want it, but I think I can do a lot better. Are my ec's really that bad tho? I work pretty hard in my clubs, and I thought colleges want to see passion and quality over quantity.</p>

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<p>What clubs are they? Just saying "clubs" doesn't show me much. For all I know, you could be talking about the "Cupcake Club" and the "Watching Anime Club."</p>

<p>But generally, clubs aren't really considered an extraordinary EC. It depends on the club subject.</p>

<p>They are business, academic, etc those clubs. Competing ones and require some effort and studying.</p>

<p>OK but you're still being general with me. Specific names and descriptions, or else they still look like frou-frou nothing clubs to me.</p>

<p>Describe/post them how you would on an application. Would you say "Business clubs, etc" on your NU application? I hope not!</p>

<p>Quite low chances :P, it's hard to go up significantly on SAT tbh normally it doesn't happen.</p>

<p>If you raise above 2100 then you have a chance.</p>

<p>Haha yeah my clubs have specific names (FBLA, Academic Decathlon, etc.) im just being pretty general right now. I am not worried about sat and act, I am retaking. I am curious about the rest of my application.</p>

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<p>You are missing the point. ECs are part of the application and subpar ECs can affect your admissions chances. If you don't want to get specific, then no one here can give a definite answer to you. And, because of this, the clubs still seem pithy to me and as a whole your ECs are not as impressive as what other NU applicants would be involved in. </p>

<p>Unless you can raise your SAT to a 2200+ I don't see you getting in.</p>