Chance for Northwestern, Rice

<p>I'm starting to get really interested into both of these schools, but I already have about six other applications I'm going to be working on. Are these schools good choices for my level of application?</p>

<p>caucasian male, Indiana</p>

<p>Academics -
IB Full Diploma Candidate
4.0 GPA unweighted, >4.0 weighted (school does not rank)
34 ACT composite; 35 English, 33 Math, 35 Science, 33 Reading, 31 Combined English-Writing
SAT I - 800 CR, 710 M, 690 W
SAT II - 780 US History; 760 English Lit
Will probably qualify for National Merit Finalist (I've made my state's cutoffs frrom all of the last 5 years)
I took 1 AP test freshman year (got a 4), 2 AP tests sophmore year (got 2 5s), 5 AP tests junior year (four 5s and one 4)</p>

<p>Most Important ECA's -
I play violin at a serious level and study with a university professor
Teen Court - this is not mock court; more than an hour a week since freshman year
6 week study abroad in France; no English allowed; lived with a host family
Concertmaster of local youth orchestra
Swim Team - 3-4 practices a week
I organized my school's involvement in Race for the Cure</p>

<p>Great GPA and standardized test scores, and your passion for your EC's is evident (particularly music). I'd say you have a good chance at both of those schools. =)</p>

<p>By the say, thanks for chancing me!</p>

<p>Thanks. Anyone else?</p>