Chance for Ohio State

<p>These are my brother's stats, please chance him for OSU.</p>

<p>GPA: All As, one B freshman year
SAT: CR 650 - Math 700 - W 680
ACT: 31
Rank: 4/373</p>

<p>All honors/AP classes
some classes at OSU (chemistry, math)</p>

Ross Math Program
volunteer at library</p>


<p>oh forgot:
science olympiad too</p>



<p>He's in at tOSU.</p>

Unless there is something huge we don't know about, it's almost certain that he's in.</p>

<p>He's definitely in! My friend got in with almost no ECs and a 24 ACT (bad testing experience) but she has a really good GPA so he should get in unless, as other people said, there is some hidden bad thing about him.</p>