Chance for Princeton, Please

<p>Here's the rundown.</p>

<p>State: Texas
Year: Junior
School: Upper-midrange urban public school
PSAT: 230
SAT: Taking in March, but have reason to predict better performance than on PSAT. I've gotten 2300-2400 on every practice test I've taken</p>

<p>IB Diploma Candidate</p>


<p>Debate: Been participating since 6th grade, ranked top 10 nationally by the National Forensics League, two-time finalist at NFL National Tournament, extremely high success rate at local tournaments in what is arguably the most competitive district in the country (First place at almost every tournament of the past year, except for two in which I received second), going to receive co-captaincy next year, currently train novices and new members extensively</p>

<p>Theatre: Member of varsity production company, have received two male leads and one supporting role this year</p>

<p>Writing: Long experience writing poetry as a pastime and pursuit, have done readings, am currently in the middle of a manuscript whose publication I will be seeking this summer, have many English teachers who will vouch enthusiastically for my passion</p>

<p>Service: Volunteer at a church-related youth program each July, spent much time freshman and sophomore year helping coach the debate team at my old middle school, provide tutorials to other students pro bono or for a fee</p>

<p>Political: Member of Young Democrats, will likely be co-president next year, volunteered in several local campaigns starting in middle school, and helped out at local Obama campaign office</p>

<p>GPA: 3.86 UW, 4.26-ish W and rising
Rank: Top 10%
Here's the snag, really. My school has an inconvenient policy which dictates that high school credit classes taken during middle school count towards the student's GPA. The problem is twofold: One, I was fairly knuckleheaded back then and got some B's. Two, the classes count as regular, and therefore only worth 4.00 on the weighted scale. Without them, I calculate my GPA would be .2 higher. Another contributing factor to my mediocrity is the weighting of debate and theatre as regular classes. </p>

<p>As for rank, I'm unsure at present of the exact number because of the nosedive most of my peers' GPAs have taken. Junior year has resulted in a great many of them failing classes or otherwise doing more poorly than usual. My grades, however, have improved due to my maturing with regards to my attitude about school.</p>

<p>Incidentally, I'm a black first-generation American with an older brother at Princeton.</p>

<p>Will my ECs, high test scores and other assets be enough to outweigh the GPA/Rank issue?</p>

<p>you're black and you have great scores/gpa. Princeton is run by Dems. you're in.</p>

<p>Keep your grades up, nail the SATs, and write good essays. </p>

<p>"Incidentally, I'm a black first-generation American with an older brother at Princeton."</p>

<p>Those two things will give you a huge advantage.</p>

Brother at Princeton</p>

<p>Just get that SAT score high and I'd say you have a very good shot.</p>

<p>I believe that Princeton doesn't use freshman year when calculating GPA...that might apply to middle school as well. Since you are an URM with good scores and an older brother at Princeton, you have a great chance for that school. Good luck!</p>

<p>URM, 1st gen, legacy(?), high projected scores, good ECs. That pretty much sums up why your chances at Princeton are VERY good. As in, you should be in simply because of the amount of hooks that add on to an already accomplished applicant.</p>

<p>Well first, you'll really have to perform on the SAT since Princeton won't see the PSAT score. I think you'll do well but that's still a factor.</p>

<p>Second, you know SAT IIs are required for HYP? Three of them, actually. Maye you just didn't list those scores but they are required and thus very important.</p>

<p>Third, your debate resume is very impressive, but keep in mind all the top tier schools are looking at not only how well you performed but if you garnered any experience. They get debate champion applications left and right and to keep your head above water, you need some leadership in your ECs. You're not obviously devoid of leadership but none of them seem all that significant ("maybe co-president" isn't that impressive). BTW, I think the theater thing is cool.</p>

<p>Fourth, I would do something with your writing skills if you wanted to make it stand out. Enter writing contests, get printed in your local newspaper. Just a reccomnedation from you writing teacher will barely help you in a sea of qualified candidates.</p>

<p>Fifth, your community service looks a little underwhelming. While it's not necessary you become co-president of Amnesty International, it is important to seem like someone who cares. Your service info says to me "I helped with a short VBS each year, gave some casual tips to some debaters, and tutored some people for free...some times." </p>

<p>Sixth, your "political" section won't make you stand out much. "Whoa, you campaigned for Obama like every other high schooler in the world?" Good job, but...who cares? </p>

<p>Anyway, URM will help you and the debate stuff really is impressive. Maybe I'm being overly critical because I'm a junior too ;).</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice.</p>

<p>I have yet to take the SAT IIs, so my performance on them is still a wildcard.</p>

<p>I think I should be able to demonstrate leadership with debate, given how the team functions at our school. You have to be a senior to get the captaincy. As it stands, I do have a very significant leadership role: Training novices, delegating research assignments, writing briefs, that sort of thing. I see your point though. More leadership roles would be good. However, I'm also working with my English teacher to start a creative writing club at my school. Would that be a significant role?</p>

<p>I've actually been submitting several essays and poems to different organizations over the last few weeks. American Foreign Service, U.S. Institute of Peace, The Nation, Writer's Digest, that sort of thing. Then there's this novel I'm in the middle of, but I can foresee how any benefit from that would be contingent on my finding a legit publisher.</p>

<p>I agree that my community service is pretty thin on the ground, and I'll have to work on shoring that up. I'm considering formalizing the tutorial thing and organizing a group to do it pro bono for underprivileged kids. There's really no organization like that hereabouts, and I think it could do a lot of good, but I suppose we'll see how that goes.</p>

<p>you have as a good of a shot as anyone else. chance me back!</p>

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<p>Your parents must be educated. Although there is a world of difference between a first generation African American and a stereotypical black kid, you are much sought after URM regardless. </p>

<p>Enjoy your time at Princeton. </p>

<p>I apologise for sounding spiteful.</p>