Chance for Pton RD?

<p>Chances for Princeton University?
GPA UW~ 3.92 going up.
Without freshman year,
W: 4.17 (No honors courses offered, APs limited to 2 a year from junior year)
UW: 3.985 without freshman year
Course rigor is probably as hard as it gets for our school.
Class Rank: School doesn't rank</p>

<p>APs Taken:
11th: AP Biology 5, AP Calculus BC 5, AP Physics B 5(self study)
12th: AP Statistics, AP Literature, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C (self-study), AP Psychology (Self-study)</p>

<p>Test Scores:
SAT: 2330 (CR 770, M 800, W 760)
SAT II: Math IIC 800, Bio M 800, Chem 800, Physics 800
TOEFL iBT: 119</p>

Mu Alpha Theta 4 years, President/Student Advisor <-- Various awards at the National level and Local level
Science Club 4 years, Secretary/Vice President
Cross Country 3 years
Community service club 2 years
Newspaper Club 2 years Treasurer
Hospital Intern 1 year
Literary Society 1 year
Orphanage Community service 3 years
Biochemistry intern at a University--> Summer
AP Biology student of the year
Physics student of the year</p>

<p>Volunteer Hours: around 200 hours</p>

<p>Essay: can't accurately state the quality due to personal bias
Recs: Can't say for sure. I hope/assume they'll be good.
Hooks: I can down a gallon of milk in ten seconds.</p>

International. Asian. Male.
Financial aid will not be requested.</p>

<p>Thanks for the chance.</p>


<p>I would say 60% chance, but with the milk downing, I would bump that to a 65%</p>

<p>Hehehe. thanks for the chance. :D</p>


<p>while the milk downing is undoubtedly impressive, I'd say you have an average chance out of the qualified pool of applicants. so like 15%. keep in mind that number is just as arbitrary as goud123's, so who knows?</p>

<p>Thank you. I appreciate the chance :D</p>