Chance for RD

<p>Grades: C’s and B’s during frosh and soph year. B’s to A’s during junior and senior year.
HS Courses: 5 APs, 2 standard level, rest honors
Rank: Top 50%
SAT: CR 740, M 750, W 720
SATII: Math II 750, Chem 770, US Hist 740
AP: US 5, Chem 5
Upcoming AP: Stat, Physics B, Euro, Psych
EC: Summer internship in university lab, summer trips to Honduras and Taiwan, school/state youth wind symphony (french horn), public library volunteer work, tutoring
Awards: Nat’l Merit runner-up, Spanish honor society
Additional info: Public suburban HS, upward trend in grades (frosh and soph grades mainly due to lack of focus/adjusting to HS), music supplement, rec from lab mentor</p>

<p>Be honest so I know whether it’s worth a plane ticket to visit the campus.</p>

<p>Is your percentinle at all higher than the top 50%? 90% of Barnard freshman were in the top 25% in high school.</p>