Chance for Stern PLEASE

<p>Can some1 give me chances at RD stern please</p>

<p>Asian Male- NJ
SAT 1400/1600 2060/2400 (700m 670v)
SAT II - US History 700, Math IC 710
Rank 19/400</p>

<p>GPA 4.06w 3.7w
Took every AP class the school offered (10)</p>

<p>E/C strongest point:</p>

<p>VP FBLA (2 years)
Treasurer NHS
4 years secretary International Society
3 years treasurer History Club
Regional FBLA winner (2 years in a row)
Varsity Track 3 years
A LOT of volunteer work
and many more clubs</p>

<p>Hook: President and Co-Founder of my own business that generates over $10,000 of sales a year.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot</p>

<p>Looks good, I'd say your essays will probably make or break you. And btw, 700 + 670= 1370 not 1400.</p>

<p>haha sorry i meant to say 730m and 670v </p>

<p>thanks for the chances</p>

<p>Question again...</p>

<p>I own a business that has its final figures for the year and i applied to Stern RD, so i was wondering if i should send them a business profile or an essay of some sort to tell them about my business? I'm not sure they'll actually recognize it because there was an essay about how i started it but nothing more than that. </p>

<p>any input?</p>

<p>im not sure...but it certainly wont hurt you...</p>

<p>I think that'd definitely be relevant, so send away! I would draft it as a letter, not an essay though. Something that reintroduces the business briefly and ties it back to your application essay, then say that you thought it would be interesting and relevant to your application to see how you've been able to succeed in your business, then sum up key figures. I don't know if you want to throw your tax form at them or anything, since I doubt they'll read a spreadsheet. Just be like "we made $X, a X% increase! This was due to my wonderful managing" etc.</p>

<p>if you want them to take the business really seriously you need to send them copies of your business licenses.</p>

<p>Hey thanks for the advice</p>

<p>so you think i should send a letter along with the copies of certificate? is that to much and do i come off as trying to hard? also does the letter have to be addressed to some1 in general or just to the undergraduate office?</p>