Chance for Stern! Regards from Singapore :D

<p>Race: Chinese, International student (Singapore)</p>

<p>GCE A Level Grades: AAB/B
H2 Economics: A
H2 History: A
H2 Mathematics: B
H1 Literature in English: B
H1 General Paper: A
H1 Project Work: A</p>

<h2>EC: Entrepreneurship Club (mainly), Lifeguard Corps, Tae-Kwon-Do</h2>

<p>1) Entrepreneurship / Leadership
- President of CCA for 2 years
o Chaired the organization of various events such as St. Luke's Flag Day (raising more than $3000 in a single day) & O Games for the World Presidents' Organization (WPO)
o Received Outstanding Service Award (awarded by College during Honors' Night 2009)
- Deputy Chairperson of the Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES! 2009) held at Singapore Management University (SMU)</p>

<li> Represented Singapore at the FedEx / Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge Asia-Pacific Finals 2008 held at Kuala Lumpur (Was in top 3 teams in national round)</li>
<li> Overall Champion in YES! 2008 Case Competition held at National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School</li>

<p>2) Sports
- Represented College at the 9th NUS Lifesaving Invitational Championships 2008
- Certified Lifeguard (Bronze Medallion)</p>

<li> Assistant Trainer at the Nanyang Technological University (2006 - 7) Tae-Kwon-Do Club</li>
<li> Holding a Black Belt 1st Pum in both Singapore Tae-Kwon-Do Federation & Singapore Tae-Kwon-Do Academy respectively</li>

<p>3) Public Communications
- Assumed emcee roles in several College events
- Invited guest speaker to book launch of best-selling book 'Break Through' at National Library Board</p>


<h2>Best Paper Award at the National University of Singapore (NUS) History Seminar 2009</h2>

<p>Predicted SAT scores:</p>

<p>SAT I*: 2200 (Will be taking in October this year)
CR 700
Math 800
Writing 700</p>

<p>SAT IIs:
US History* >750 (Will be taking in November this year)
World History* >750 (Will be taking in November this year)</p>

<p>SATs taken:</p>

<h2>Math II 790 (took in May earlier this year)</h2>

<p>Since I’m currently in National Service (compulsory for all Singaporeans), I will be able to apply for admission to the 2011 (1 year deferment) and 2012 academic years respectively.</p>

<p>I will not be applying for financial aid, hope that helps!</p>

<p>Possible Majors: Finance / Economics</p>

<p>Looking good, looking good! I think Stern would probably be a match. I got a 780 on my Math level 2, so good job! :P</p>

<p>I suppose you can try for Stern but the B in H2 Mathematics might not look that good. A lot will depend on your teacher recommendations and your Common App essay.</p>

<p>Greetings. im from Singapore too. Im interested in Stern. Are u gonna try ED to Stern?</p>

<p>@ Tahunganh: yup i guess i'm gonna ED. hopefully i'll get in!</p>

<p>bump! any more comments?</p>

<p>haha, i wonder who else from singapore applying to stern this nov. Or else this will make it very competitve.
i think ur stats should get u in. the rest is ur SATs :D</p>


<p>10 char</p>


<p>10 char</p>

<p>Why do you even ask? </p>

<p>This kind of post is the exact reason why I don't like this website and why every body makes fun of it. Check the definition of college confidential on the urban dictionary you'll understand. </p>

<p>You know you have all chances so stop coming here to boost your ego, go have fun because you will get into an eXcellent school.</p>

<p>Chill man, u dont even know how hard and competitive it is for internationals to get in. Being a foreigner and having the courage to apply to US uni are commendable. He's willing to challenge himself in US rather than stay in the comfort zone in his hometown; that should be praiseworthy. Sometimes, i have to admit u dont know how hard it is for internationals to cope and grow in a foreign environment.</p>

<p>Actually i'm international too, i will be applying to US universities this fall too. Internationals with Good stats have a greater advantage simply because They add diversity to the campus. I know you thinK this isn't trUe but it is.</p>

<p>@ urbanman: hey, i posted on CC because I value the opinions of everyone in helping me make an informed choice regarding my uni applications :)</p>

<p>on the contrary, my results and CCAs aren't fantastic, which is why i need more help and opinions regarding my case. just ask any rj / hc kid, and his records will most probably beat mine anytime. </p>

<p>anyway, all the best for your us apps too!</p>

<p>Ok if you truly thinK your stats arent good enough let me reassure you they are great especially for an international applicant. Stop worrying about them you are fine, and of course you'll find people with betters stats but keep in mind college admissions are not all about sats.</p>

<p>Good luck to you too and sorry I was a bit agressive earlier on.</p>