Chance for TAMU Engineering


Could someone chance my son for TAMU engineering please?

Senior at a very competitive high school in state
Not in 10%(school does not rank outside of top 10%)

Weighted GPA: 5.1
UW GPA: 3.8

SAT - 1510 ( M-790, RW- 720)

All courses in high school were Pre AP and AP except courses required for graduation.

Math & Science AP Courses Completed by senior year:
Calc AB & BC, Physics, Biology, Computer Science 2 & 3

2 ACC Dual Credit Courses

Bunch of extra curricular and volunteering activities.

Not sure if it matters, he was selected for TAMU honors engineering camp this summer, but it was cancelled due to COVD.


A&M doesn’t consider the competitiveness of the high school. They want to see how you compare to your peers.

Did he take any chemistry in HS?

If he is in the top quarter of his class at the end of Jr year, he will get an offer of full admissions.

If he is in the second quarter of his class, he might get a full offer to College Station. It just depends on the competitiveness and number of the applicants. Typically, high scoring applicants in 2Q are offered full admissions to Galveston for their freshman year and then transition to finish their degree at A&M when they satisfactorily complete the ETAM requirements.

@Thelma2 , yes he did do Pre-AP Chemistry in Sophomore year. Since his school doesn’t rank outside of 10%, will A&M computer his rank? Thanks!

Noviite, yes. TAMU will assign rank to your son.