Chance for the best schools ever woo?!

<p>I'm a junior at a pretty competitive public school in CT, and I was wondering what you guys think my chances are for: UPenn ED, Yale, Princeton, UChicago, Rice, Duke, Vanderbilt, Michigan, McGill and Cornell. Thanks!</p>

<p>GPA: 3.9 UW (school doesn't rank or weight GPAs)
SAT: 800 Math, 790 Writing, 760 CR
SATII: World History 800; Physics 720
APs: World History 5; Physics 4; just took US History, Lang/Comp, Psychology and Biology.</p>

Internship at _______ Business Journal since 2009 (I also write in it sometimes, if that helps).
Copy Editor for School Newspaper
VP of Publicity for FBLA
Historian for DECA
Varsity Tennis (first singles)
Concertmaster for city youth orchestra, went to Europe on tour last year.
Violin Teacher for a couple of kids (haha, I pretty much just convinced my friends' siblings to let me teach them)
VP of Student Peace Alliance
Founded a Habitat for Humanity Club
Yearbook Section Editor
Leadership position for Model UN
Secretary for Science Olympiad
Student Senate (since freshman year)
Volunteer at Nursing Home, Habitat for Humanity, Hospital, Summer Camp, as a tutor (over 1000 hours)
Job at local library</p>

<p>Awards: Dupont Essay Honorable, Ayn Rand Essay Semifinalist, Essay competiton at local university, violin stuff, newspaper stuff, Nationals for FBLA and DECA, more club awards, school awards, Scholastic Gold Key, just a lot of little local things. </p>

<p>Summer Stuff: volunteering, extensive traveling, took English courses at local university, TASP this summer, summer program at university sophomore year, theory classes, internships</p>

<p>I'm Asian, upper middle class. you know, all that stuff. </p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>If it helps, I know someone with VERY similar stats and ECs that were probably not as good as yours, and she got into Penn ED, so I would say you have a reasonable chance. Of course, it's still an Ivy and Penn rejects plenty of qualified candidates every year, but I think it's definitely possible!</p>

<p>As for your other schools:
McGill - definitely a match
Michigan - match
Vanderbilt - I'm going to say it's a high match - I got into Vanderbilt with similar stats, fwiw, so you definitely have a chance.
Rice - high match
Cornell - reach (all Ivies are reaches)
Chicago - reach
Princeton/Yale - high reaches, but these are for everyone.</p>

<p>BTW, I also go to a competitive (public) school in CT, if it helps at all. I'm basically comparing you with the standards for admissions that I'm familiar with, so they probably match those of your school district.</p>


<p>Don't be ridiculous. Cornell is not a reach.</p>

<p>TASP will help.</p>

<p>I agree; Cornell is probably a high match. Additionally, Princeton and Yale are not high reaches in the traditional meaning of the term. Of course, I am not a big fan of these terms, as they mean different things to different people.</p>

<p>Bump hahahah</p>