Chance for these NY Schools!

<p>Hey, a senior in a high school, ~hour away from Manhattan hoping to major in Finance/Economics.</p>

<p>taken 4 years of Spanish.
Spanish I - Proficiency in Spanish <a href="94">b</a>, Spanish III regents <a href="93">b</a>.</p>

<p>Taking my 5th year of a math along with their Regents/Final Grades:
-- Algebra I <a href="90">b</a>, Geometry <a href="79,%20tenth%20grade%20was%20a%20horrible%20year">b</a>, Trigonometry/Algebra II <a href="77,%20although%20my%20final%20grade%20in%20the%20class%20was%20a%2091">b</a>, Pre-Calculus <a href="75">b</a>, AP Statistics (current).</p>

<p>Taking my 5th year of sciences along with the Regents grades:
-- Living Environment/biology <a href="90">b</a>** , Earth Science <a href="86">b</a>, Chemistry <a href="67,%20once%20again%20tenth%20grade%20was%20horrible">b</a>, Physics <a href="51%20:%5B">b</a>**, AP Environmental Sciences (current)</p>

<p>World History - 84
AP World History - 67 :\ <a href="AP%20GRADE:%204">b</a>**
US History - 80. (Regents grade 97)</p>

<p>English 9+10 = 87 final grade.
AP English Language and Composition - 67 <a href="AP%20GRADE:%203">b</a>**</p>

<p>My current senior schedule includes -- both C.W. Post's College English and College Economics, AP Environmental Sciences, AP Spanish and AP Stats.</p>

<p>I've taken both SUNY Farmingdale's College Accounting & Business Law with the grades 70 and 85, respectively.</p>

<p>My GPA is 3.2 UW. I'm ranking in the top quarter, little less than 100/400 in my year.
SAT: 1180/1600. CR: 590 Math: 590</p>

<p>My college choices, in order of importance are:
**• City University of New York (CUNY): Baruch College
• Stony Brook University
• Fordham University *

• I am a member of my school's DECA.
• I have been working as a Tutor for a few months, where I help kids through 1st-9th grade in a Tutorial Center.</p>

<h2>• I have also been a Summer Intern at a Real Estate Company, as a Receptionist and Secretary, specializing in setting up appointments and keeping track of dates and times for specific events, organizing paperwork of clients, answering phone calls regarding the company as well as providing general information and guidance to visitors.</h2>

<p>I really want to get into Baruch, as it's my first and only choice. The others I am slightly interested in. I did not look for a safe school, unfortunately. I really wish to go to CUNY Baruch cause of it's tuition and networking capabilities in NYC for future opportunities. I think I would probably get in, but my letter of Rec's are written very well and I hope that my actions besides strictly on my grades will suffice for them, so I just want to make sure.</p>

<p>Look at I think you have a good chance at Baruch, a not so good chance at Stony Brook and almost no chance at Fordham unless you are full pay or have an amazing hook. Regardless, Baruch is a great school for finance/economics and you will have the least amount of debt.</p>

<p>If you take LIRR (I am assuming because you mentioned taking classes at Farmingdale) it's a decent walk over to Baruch. I used to walk from 43rd and 6th to that area twice a day while pregnant. If you took Biz Law as a college course, you might get credit. If not, try to CLEP it. You might even get credit there for your 3 on AP.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Thank you (: I'm hoping for Baruch, I have heard that actual grades are a great importance to them, so that's bothering me.</p>

<p>Yeah, I've lived in Queens for most of my life, I've only moved here recently, so it's nothing crazy for me to take the walk. Alright, thanks a lot again (:</p>

<p>If anyone else can chance as well, it'll give me a better outlook on this. I'll chance back!</p>

<p>bumping this up. if there are any current Baruch students, please post or even message me your thoughts.</p>