Chance for to get into Northeastern University with a 3.27GPA?

Hi guys! I’m an international student with a weighted GPA 3.27 and SAT 1490(May, 2019, Asia). My GPA is a rising trend and I’m going to apply ED.
I’m looking to major in Economics. NEU is my dream school, I just want to know if it’s realistic even to have it as a reach. Thank you!!!

I think it would be very doubtful but you won’t know if you don’t try.

I’d say wasting your application fee but maybe starting at an oversea campus program. Your competing in a very competitive pool

Maybe thru

Test scores are not considered for international applicants so for your GPA alone, especially given that it is weighted, I think it would be highly unlikely. If it’s your dream school its 100% worth the application, but I would keep expectations low and of course make sure you have a balanced list with match schools you would be happy at.