Chance for top-tier colleges?

<p>Hi guys, I'm an Asian male who's looking for admittance to several top schools in the country, such as a few Ivies and others scattered around the country. I've got a list of over twenty schools, but by the end of summer I'm dwindling that to about ten. So, here I go.</p>

Class: 2011
GPA Unweighted: 3.77
GPA Weighted:Not sure, my transcript says something like 99.25 though.
Rank: Top 10%
Ethnicity, Gender: Asian Male
State: New Jersey, fairly competitive public school, not many APs offered
Intended major: Biology (decision was made in summer before junior year)</p>

<h1>APs: 8 by senior year end</h1>

<p>LoR: AP Chem (good) AP Lang (good), Pre-Calc (great), Guidance (good)
I'm a good essay writer, thinking about what I'll writing about.
SAT I: 800 Math 710 Writing 650 Reading (Superscore), 2160 Overall
SAT II: Math II 800, Chemistry 700
AP Tests: Chem 4, Lang 5, US 4</p>

<p>**Classes<a href="all%20%22honors%20level%22%20except%20otherwise">/b</a>:</p>

<p>8th grade</p>

<p>Algebra I A</p>

<p>Freshman Year</p>

<p>Accounting Honors A
Geometry A
Spanish I A-
World History A
English I A-
Biology A-</p>

<p>Sophomore Year ( :[ )</p>

<p>Chemisty B
AP US History I A-
English A-
Algebra II A-
Spanish II/III B+
Marketing Honors A</p>

<p>Brutal year. Yep</p>

<p>Junior Year</p>

<p>Pre-Calculus A
AP Lang A-
Spanish IV A
AP Chemistry A
Physics A-
Wind Ensemble A</p>

<p>Senior Year (coming year)</p>

<p>AP Bio
AP Lit
AP Spanish
AP AB Calc
AP US History II
Jazz Ensemble</p>


<p>Marching Band, 4 years
~ Junior year: Woodwind Section Sergeant, Assistant Drum Major, Soloist
~ Senior year: Drum Major, Vice President
Tri-M Honor Society, 2 years
~ Senior year: Secretary
Wind Ensemble, 2 years
~ Counting this as an EC since I've spent too much damn time in it. Also woodwind captain senior year
Asian-American Cultural Club, 2 years
~ Sophomore year: Executive committee (titles like Pres., VP, etc were only held by upperclassmen; the Exec. Com was for underclassmen & only four people had the title)
~ Club folded after two years because of budget cuts
Science Club, 3 years
~ Senior Year: Secretary
Student Alliance, 3 years
~ Peer leadership program, no officer positions in this club
Interact Club, 2 years
~ Senior Year: Vice President
Saxophone playing
~ Started at early 8th grade, 3-4 years experience
~ Not a club I know but w/e :P</p>

<p>There are others that aren't important. :P</p>

<p>Volunteering Numbers are estimations </p>

<p>~ 60 hours at Huaxia Chinese School
~ 40 hours at Penn medical school over summer
~ 20 hours at medical school in China
~ 25 hours from Interact Club activities
~ 125 hours total </p>

<p>Awards lacking here :(</p>

<p>Highest average in Accounting Honors (9th grade)
Marching Band (9th grade): 2nd place at Atlantic Coast Finals
DECA (10th grade)
~ Regionals: Award for roleplay achievement
~ States: Made it to finals, award for roleplay achievement
Selected to All-South Jersey band (11th grade)
2nd highest average in Spanish IV (11th grade)</p>

<p>Um. Colleges I'm applying to.</p>

<p>Definitely applying to:</p>

<p>The Ivies (Cornell, Penn, Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia) (ED on Penn)
Ohio State 7-year Med (applying to both UMich and Ohio State... haha)
UNC Chapel Hill

Penn State

Florida (Gainsville)
University of the Sciences at Philadelphia
Michigan State 7 Year Med Program
TCNJ 7 Year Med </p>

<p>Sorry for the length. :D So, care to chance?</p>


<p>Try to get that critical reading score to 700+ for the top schools on your list. Other than that, you have very good chances with your strong ECs, but you have a very strange list of schools haha. Small, large, public, private. I think you should visit some schools (if you haven't already) and figure out what you're really looking for in a school to help shrink that list a bit.</p>

<p>Might look at Tufts and Holy Cross. Holy Cross has a great pre-med program and nice campus.</p>

<p>A school in NJ is probably not considered very competitive if it offers few APs. Your high school schedule appears very light. If it represents your schools hardest classes you're OK, If it doesn't, top colleges, even with much higher scores, will be tough.</p>

<p>For even mid level ivies, being number 1 or 2 in your class as an Asian candidate from an overrepresented state is the norm as are scores in the 2300 plus range.</p>

<p>Thanks. I'll be visiting most of these schools in the next two weeks, and I'm already starting to eliminate. I never liked Tufts, but Holy Cross seems lke a nice place.</p>

<p>These are all the toughest classes offered in my school, I must have confused competition as meaning competition between the student body. Vale/Saludictorian and 2300... that's going to be a rough thing to think about. Hopefully since my mom works at Penn things may be a bit smoother.</p>

<p>I'll try to get that Reading score up... ugh I hate that subject on the SAT D:</p>