Chance for Top-Tier Schools

<p>Hey guys. I'm a rising senior. I was just wondering which schools are reasonable to be my reaches, targets and safeties. I'm hoping to get into a good Ivy league or a prestigious school like Duke. I go to a public school in Suburban New York. </p>

<p>Race: Asian
Sex: Male
State: New York
GPA: 97 (4.0?)</p>

CR: 690
M: 800
W: 800</p>

<p>SAT II Biology: 800
SAT II World History: 770
SAT II Math II: 760</p>

<p>AP Music Theory: 5
AP World History: 5
AP Calc BC: Pending
AP US History: Pending
AP Biology: Pending
AP Economics: Next Year
AP English: Next Year
AP Physics: Next Year</p>


<p>Co-President of Chinese Community Youth Team (10)
Key Club Treasurer (11)
Student Council Secretary (11)
Student Senate (9,10,11)
Symphonic Band Treasurer (10, 11)
Math Honor Society Treasurer (10,11)
Intern at Wadsworth Center (11)
Nominated Peer Helper (9,10,11)</p>

<h2>Editor of School Magazine (10)</h2>

<p>Harvard Book Award (11)
2010 University of Albany Multicultural High School Achiever (11)
Young Epidemiology Scholars - National Semi-Finalist (11)
National Dupont Challenge - National Honorable Mention (9)
National French Contest - 3rd regionals (9), 7th regionals (11)
Chinese School Scholarship</p>

<h2>Outstanding Student Award from Honor Society Nomination by North-East Association of Chinese Schools</h2>

<p>NYSSMA All State for French Horn(11)
Principal French Horn in Band (9, 11)
Empire State Youth Orchestra - Wind Orchestra (11, 12)
School Jazz Band (9,10,11)
Shakespeare - Lead Understudy (11)</p>

<h2>Musical - Ensemble, Lead (10, 11)</h2>

<p>CCC Badminton Teacher Assistant (9, 10)
Badminton Club President and Co-Creator (10, 11)</p>


<p>Looking at other threads, it's hard for me to stack up with a lot of other posters here. Had I been aware of this site earlier on, I definitely would have looked into more of the opportunities that can be found here. My summer is relatively unoccupied though, since I can't really find a job right now. Is there anything you guys think I could do?</p>