Chance for transfer to NYU from Hunter

<p>I am currently a first year undergad at Hunter i took courses in the summer and am taking courses now. for the summer i had a GPA of 3.85 and it looks like i will have a similar gpa for the fall. My high school grades are not fantastic about a 3.25 but i did well on standardized testing with a 33 composite on the ACT.
here is where it gets tricky. I previously attended Brandeis University but had a terrible year there and dropped out after a year with a gpa of 1.0. After that i took a year off and started a semi-successful business. after a year i decided i wanted to go back to school so i applied to hunter and got in however they do not know about brandeis. i did not put it on any application i submitted and nobody found out. I have heard that there is a system where they can check if you have been to a university before but i got through at hunter. </p>

High school gpa 3.25
ACT 33 composite
Hunter 21 credits with 3.85 GPA
great extracurricullars
****ty grades at brandeis</p>

1. what are my chances at getting into NYU with these grades?
2. Should i not tell NYU about Brandeis? do you think they check?
3. If not NYU then where? Hunter is not challenging enough for me and i know it will not open as many doors in the future than a degree from a better school.</p>

<p>so i realize i left a couple of things out. while in high school i was
President of Jazz Band
President of Video Yearbook
Director of a student run food pantry with an annual budget of $150,000 serving over 500 families weekly</p>


<p>bump bump bump</p>