Chance for Turing Honors?

<p>I guess people do these alot, but I'm hoping somebody will be able to give me what my chances of getting into Turing Honors would be, so here it goes:
My info:</p>

<p>Class Rank-
40/623 approximately 7%</p>

<p>Senior Classes-
AP Physics B
AP English IV
AP Computer Science II
AP Government/ AP Economics
AP Statistics (I took AP Calculus BC my Junior Year)
AP Chemistry
(an off period)</p>

<p>Test Scores-
2070 on SAT: 750 Reading, 680 Math, 640 Writing
AP World History-3
AP U.S. History-4
AP Psychology-5
AP Biology-4
AP Calc BC-3(Calc AB subset- 3)
AP English Lang-3</p>

<p>Aaand, I'm a hispanic female if that makes any difference, thank you anyone that replies, :)</p>

<p>Also, I kinda didn't apply until November 30th, a day before the deadline, would that hurt my odds?</p>

<p>You should apply for Dean Scholars, which is a much better honors program to Turing. If you are eligible for Turing (CS only), you will be eligible for Dean Scholars (for College of Natural Science).</p>

The deadline was December 1st for all honors programs.</p>