Chance for UB

SAT - 560(CR), 600(M)
GPA - 3.7 to 3.8 range
Classes - Pretty Rigorous classes starting sophomore, honors Math, Science, and English and many college credit/prep classes
Out of 160 my rank is top 25%
Ap Chem </p>

Varsity Indoor Track - Freshmen,sophomore,and senior year - Captain for 2 years
Outdoor Track - Freshmen, Junior and Senior year - Captain for 2 years
Math Club - 2 years
Chess Club- 4 years
International Club - 4 years
Masterminds NAQT - 4 years, elected treasurer of the club
Fitness Club - 4 years
Math Tutor - Freshmen year
Competed at a local community college in a robotics competition
Donate Life Club
Build Websites and Computers in my spar time
Play Guitar </p>

<p>About Me -
Parents born in Poland
Speak fluent Polish
Interested in Comp Sci. or Comp Eng.
Taught myself a bit of C, C++, Java, and Python
I also didn't take AP Calculus because the teacher is a joke, she started with 30 students, within a week there were 4. So I took general calc, but the teacher is teaching the same intensity as AP so we will take the exam in May. (I think its in May)</p>

100+ Internship hours
50+ at a Rec Center
40+ at a Dental Lab</p>

<p>Oh I was in AP chem</p>


<p>146 views and nothing? I'll chance back, but I don't really know that much about admissions...</p>

<p>I honestly don't think you'll get into Berkeley unless you're a California resident, then maybe.</p>

<p>Berkeley? I didn't apply to Berkeley, I applied to University at Buffalo...(UB)</p>