Chance for UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UC Davis, USC?

<p>Grade: 11th
School: Small private school (about 120 per grade)
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Female
GPA: 3.760 unweighted, 4.06 weighted
AP Courses: (my school only lets students take 2 AP Classes per year...will that affect my chances? Besides, my school only has like 5 AP Classes anyway)
This year:
AP Calculus: A
AP US History: A
Next Year:
AP Chemistry: probably not an A
AP English: I think I can get an A if I try
Honors Courses:
Freshman Year:
English 9 Honors: B
Algebra 2 Honors: B/A
Biology Honors: A
Sophomore Year:
English 10 Honors: A
Precalculus Honors: B/A
World History Honors: A
Chemistry Honors: B
This year: (only 1st semester)
English 11 Honors: A
Physics Honors: B </p>

<p>SAT's: December 2008: 630 Reading, 750 Math, 610 Writing (planning to retake in October)
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Korean, 690 Math, planning to take Chemistry
Extracurricular: (any suggestions for additional stuff?)
Volunteer at a local hospital for 3 hrs/wk
Teacher Assistant for kendo
Member of International Club, FBLA</p>

<p>Other: NHS and CSF
Took courses at community college
Plan to major in a science related field</p>

<p>You and I have similar Stats. If I get into UCLA, I'll get back at you and tell you what it takes to get in. If not, then good luck.. as long as you keep doing good (and better) I'm sure you'll be fine. Berkley I'm positive will accept you, UCLA not sure, UCD I'm sure, and USC I haven't the slightest clue.</p>

<p>myCollegeSTAT</a> - Home has a lot of statistics on admission to California colleges.</p>

<p>You're worrying too much</p>

<p>you have adequate stats, all u need is a good essay</p>

<p>and how well do u compete with other applicants from your school?</p>

<p>Eh, I like the kendo teacher assistant, but possibly add more activities/leadership roles?
Your probably working on your SATs and considering you raise them to 2100+:
UC Berkley: Reach
UCLA: Low Reach
UCSD: Match/High Match
UC Davis: Match
USC: High Match</p>