Chance for UC, Rice, Cornell, and Stanford

<p>Please chance me for:
UC Berkeley

<p>I will chance back if you post a link below. Thank you for your opinion!</p>

<p>UC GPA: 4.25
UC GPA uncapped: 4.58
Unweighted GPA: 3.91
Rank: 8 of 870</p>

<p>Senior courses: AP Physics C, AP Calculus BC, AP Economics, AP Government, AP Literature and Composition, Band</p>

SAT: 770 M/670 CR/770 W (2210)
SAT Superscore: 770M/710 CR/770 W (2250)
SAT Chemistry: 730
SAT Math II: 800
SAT Biology: 760</p>

AP Human Geography: 5
AP Chemistry: 5
AP Euro: 4
AP Biology: 5
AP Spanish: 4
AP Language and Composition: 4</p>

Marching Band all four years: began with no experience on Trumpet, awarded Most Improved freshman year, Asst. Section Leader Junior year and Section leader Senior year (one of the best bands in Southern California)
CSF (Soph, Junior, Senior) Member
Red Cross (Fresh, Soph, Junior, Senior) Vice President Senior year
Church ministry participation all 4 years with leadership</p>

Principal’s Honor Roll
National Merit Commended
2011 Awarded Most Improved in Marching Band
Center for Future Global Leaders - Math Challenge Divisional Recognition
Invited to NSHSS
AP Scholar with Distinction Award</p>

School type: Public (Top 1000)
Location: CA
Race: Vietnamese
Gender: Male
Field: Biological Sciences
Income: 130k
Mom: Less than high school
Dad: 4 year college, Bachelor degree</p>

<p>I think my essays are OK, and my recommendations should be good.</p>

<p>Bumppity bump</p>

<p>Stanford: reach (for everyone, but you are competitive)
Rice: high match
Cornell: high match:
UCLA: match
USC: match
UC Berkeley: match
UCSD: safety
UCI: safety</p>

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<p>Oh can you also chance me back: <a href=“”></a></p>

<p>UCLA: match
USC: match
UC Berkeley: match/high match
UCSD: low match/safety
UCI: safety</p>

<p>Stanford: reach
Rice: high match
Cornell: high match
UCLA: match
USC: match
UC Berkeley: match
UCSD: low match
UCI: low match</p>